Of all ironies of ironies this release is on ‘Total Metal’ Records. Except, it is only 50% metal owing to the fact that it is a crossover record. In my interview with guitarist Sam he claims that he is the metal guy and the other members have worse taste than he does. You want more irony? The album’s title is The Void, but there is something on the cover of the digipak, something very big!
In my interview I asked Sam about DRI, which this band and album owes much to, and he demurred, but did not deny knowing the band. That is a step or two ahead of bands like Machine Head and Kingdom Come who lie about having ever heard of Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin respectively. The 3000AD guys are not liars and similarly it is not a lie to say this band will appeal to fans of DRI and that whole sub-genre. Guitar solos are to 3000AD what class or honesty is to Donald Trump. OK, a short one interrupts the proceeding on Who’s Watching and there is another snippet on Journeys, but you get the picture. The song Journeys also includes a little second of Metallica’s guitar work from the dreaded song One for which we deducted ten points from The Void’s rating. The group is harsh, fast and heavy, but not on the fringes of the scene. The sound production works in the act’s favour. It is clear without being fluffy.
The band does sing of dystopian future times, but it is still surely coincidental that the album features a song called Cells with lines like ”But This Virus, It Rests Within Your/Cells! Internal Invasion Cells! A Deadly Contagion… “ or “This Is The City Of Plague/.. Those Wall Have Become A Tomb…” The lyrics are worth reading. – Ali “The Metallian”

3000AD is a newer band, but the group could easily have hailed from the 1980s when crossover had its origin and heyday. The New Zealand-based trio has released its debut album The Void through Total Metal Records and, subsequently, guitarist Sam Pryor dropped by Metallian Towers for a quick chat with Ali “The Metallian” while bassist Scott Austin and singer/drummer Hellmore Bones remained back home in Christchurch. – 02.08.2020

METALLIAN: Thanks for dropping in, Sam. Let’s start with the obvious. Why 3000AD? While the next millennium technically begins in the year 3001 one has to ask was nothing from this century or millennium available?
SAM: No worries, thanks for the support! Well, we wanted something that stood out a bit. There are many band names that are hard to remember so uniqueness was a big part of the decision. Then the subject-matter we deal in lyrically is primarily set in a future dystopian vision of the world so it fits the vibe of our music quite nicely.

METALLIAN: I gather from your answer that ‘Aggressor’ or ‘Beyond’ or ‘Antichrist’ or ‘Massacre’ and any of their variants were not monickers you considered.
SAM: (Laughingly) Yes, you are correct, though our old band was called Sounds Of Vengeance, which is almost as generic admittedly. The other advantage of 3000AD as a name is you often appear at the top of alphabetical lists. Either top or bottom; it’s all or nothing!

METALLIAN: With that out of the way, let me get to why I really wanted to do this interview. Have you seen any penguins lately or perhaps befriended one?
SAM: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a penguin, but if I did there is no possible scenario under which I would not attempt to befriend it; they are objectively adorable.

METALLIAN: The Metallian Towers investigative unit is on the case ascertaining whether this man is indeed from New Zealand, but in the meantime he is indubitably correct about penguins. What about kiwis? I read that their numbers are dwindling and was quite saddened.
SAM: Yes, they are obviously a very useless animal. They have no arms, no defence mechanism and can’t fly so no wonder they are having a rough time with natural selection. Moreover, whenever you try and view them in a zoo they are always hiding so it’s almost an entirely pointless creature.

METALLIAN: In a “zoo?” It is determined then. These guys are new to New Zealand. Incidentally, is it kiwis or kiwi birds?
SAM: It’s ‘kiwis.’ Saying ‘kiwi birds’ would be like saying, ‘eagle birds’ or something. Having said that, some people say ‘tuna fish’ so there you go, the perplexing English language strikes again.

METALLIAN: Your lyrics are self-described as “dystopian” and they do come across as such. Is that because the country is run by Jacinda Ardern?
SAM: I dare not speak ill of the dear leader comrade Ardern.

METALLIAN: While we are here, and on the topic of politics, are New Zealanders as right-wing as Aussies?
SAM: From what I can tell Australia is like America in many ways, very divided politically. You might think some Aussies are right-wing, but try going to Melbourne. It’s pretty much like Aussie Portland, very left-wing. New Zealand is a more toned-down version I would guess, less extreme on both sides.

METALLIAN: Either way, how does the Prime Minister compare to Donald Trump?
SAM: Total opposite would be the best way to describe it. One seems obsessed with expressing the “correct” view points at all times. The other just rambles without thinking most of the time. Both seem overly concerned with their image though!

METALLIAN: Since you are here, one thing our readers have wondered about is whether all kiwis are fat. Is it because everyone eats the obligatory government mandated blocks of Whittaker’s every day? And while we are here is there a kiwi flavour?
SAM: It’s very triggering to me that you have mentioned Whittaker’s because I’m currently trying to maintain a ketogenic diet and that chocolate is fucking amazing. No kiwi flavour yet! It must be in the works though, they have tried pretty much every other combination.

METALLIAN: Is there any merit to a ketogenic diet? We have all been jaded by all the diets that have come and gone and proven to be fads.
SAM: There are some benefits if you are trying to lose weight quickly. You don’t even need to work out all that much, just cutting carbs almost anyone will start losing weight. Because your body starts burning fat for energy as there are no carbs on hand to use like is normally the case. The downside is that you need to cut a lot of the best foods like pizza, pasta, rice, et cetra. Fried chicken is all good though, so I’ve been smashing through a lot of that!

METALLIAN: Let me get this straight. Did you just call pizza one of the best foods? Moreover, there is a diet that allows fried chicken? Did that Kentucky uncle come up with the sham? Moving on, we at Metallian Towers were hoping not to speak about music here and keep it focused on anything and everything else, but could you tell our readers which your second favourite album is after DRI’s Crossover?
SAM: (Laughs) I actually only got into DRI recently! Thrash Zone is my pick of their catalogue. I am actually more of a metal purist. It is the other guys that bring the punk vibes. I still can’t go past Master Of Puppets even though that’s a spectacularly unoriginal answer.

METALLIAN: I recall buying Master Of Puppets when it came out back in 1986 and was impressed, but have not been able to listen to that band and its subsequent releases after they wimped out so much. Objectively, the early albums should still be a great listen, but knowing it’s Metallica makes them non-starters for me now. How do you see this complex?
SAM: Well, I find this to actually be truer of a band like In Flames than Metallica. The recent In Flames’ records are so far removed from their old masterpieces like Colony and Whoracle that I find myself extremely saddened. I used to feel like this for Metallica, but they have somewhat redeemed themselves with their last couple of releases. The song Hardwired on the latest album stands up very well to the old Metallica material in my opinion. They need all the credit in the world for that because no one would have guessed they would go back to a thrash sound in the Load/Reload era, and especially not as they entered their 50s. Plus, they are still a force to be reckoned with live, few could deny that.

METALLIAN: Let the denying commence! Popetellica aside, the reference to N Flames is apt. Separate question: what is next with the band and where does 3000AD go from here?
SAM: The next main event will be a European tour supporting Necronomicon hopefully kicking off in the first half of 2021. We have had it delayed a couple of times for obvious reasons, but this time I think it should work out great. People should be hungry for live music now too and we are more than happy to oblige!

METALLIAN: Finally, everyone has his own reason, explanation and logic and, quite frankly, none of them are wrong, but what is your reason for recognising that Metallian is the ultimate website?
SAM: Metallian is unsurpassed in its ability to generate unexpected interview questions. There is no one close in this regard!

We had him at Whittaker’s. The band’s The Void album is available and one may find information at https://3000ad.band.

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