Danger - 1983 - Moon
Street Rock 'N Roller - 1984 - Moon
Actor - 1985 - Moon
Live Act II - 1986 - Moon
Love Or Money - 1987 - Invitation
Emotional Color - 1988 - Invitation
Still Alive - 1989 - Danger Crue
Ignition - 2002 - East West
44 Magnum – 2009 – Danger Crue
Angel Number – 2015 – LMF
2016 04 03 04 Special Live – 2017 - LMF
Prisoner – 2019 - LMF


S= Hideaki Nakama, Paul Position>>TATSUYA “PAUL” UMEHARA>>Hideaki Nakama, Paul Position - STEVIE UMEHARA
G= Velvet Spider>>SATOSHI “JIMMY” HIROSE>>Velvet Spider
B= Victim, Grand Slam>>HIRONORI “BIN” YOSHIKAWA>>Grand Slam
D= Naoki Yokota>>Takeru – Zodiac, Hideaki Nakama, Hide With Spread Beaver, Nozomu Wakai's Destinia>>SATOSHI “JOE” MIYAWAKI>>Zodiac, Kings, Hideaki Nakama, Hide With Spread Beaver, Nozomu Wakai's Destinia


The oft-criticized singer Tatsuya Umehara formed 44 Magnum circa 1978, but it took the Japanese heavy metal band until 1983 to record and issue a full-length album, which also managed to feature the weapon on its cover. A little-known self-titled 1983 demo led to the band’s contract with Japan’s own Moon Records and a series of albums. The group played in Osaka at the Jumping Live event at a hall on the grounds of Osaka Castle alongside Hurry Scuary, Presence, Rajas, Marino and others. 44 Magnum played the Grand Metal Live 5th Japan Heavy Metal Fantasy festival in 1984. Also on the bill was Marino, X-Ray, Action, Arouge, Rajas, Misako Honjo and others. The group lost some of its edge as the '80s progressed. The group took the '90s off returning with the Ignition album, a compilation, a DVD and even a tribute album full of 44 Magnum covers. 2009’s 44 Magnum bore the same title as a 1983 EP. Live At Alive was a 2010 video. Umehara ceased live work due to Parkinson’s in 2012. He would still contribute songs. His son Stevie Umehara joined. 2016 04 03 04 Special Live was recorded in Tokyo in 2016. Prisoner featured older, but unreleased, tracks.



44 Magnum