Human Target - 1981 - EMI
Live X - 1982 - EMI
Carmen Maki's 5X - 1983 - EMI

5X image
S= Carmen Maki & Time Machine, Oz, Carmen Maki & Laff>>Carmen Maki [Maki Lovelace]>>Carmen Maki, Urusakutegomenne, Moses, Unison, Oz
G= Buzz, Carmen Maki & Laff, Honjoh Misako>>GEORGE AZUMA
B= Misako Honjoh>>KINTA MONIYAMA>>Misako Honjoh
D= Honjoh Misako>>Jun Harada>>Honjoh Misako, Hamada Mari

5X is a loud HM band from the land of the rising sun. It was founded after the breakup of Laff. This band was formed by pioneer Japanese female Maki and Azuma. Maki was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and Irish/American father. While in Oz she had opened for Jeff Beck and Grand Funk Railroad in 1975. After that she had moved to Los Angeles and was produced by Carmine Appice before returning to Japan. She had later been allegedly in trouble for drug use and did some nude modelling. Urusakutegomenne means ‘sorry for the loudness.’ Live X was recorded live at Kudan Kaikan Hall, Tokyo, April 22nd, 1982. The band's farewell album featured Loudness guitarist Takasaki guesting.

Carmen Maki’s 5X was re-issued by Bang The Head Records in 2013. The group lasted between 1981 and 1983. Japan is not any different from the West and members grew tired of bagging groceries and working at tattoo parlours and returned in 2004. UR 5X RU was a 2006 demo released through the Precious Dreams imprint. Takamasa Ohuchi (formerly of Anthem) was on drums. Despite the name of the 1983 album Carmen was no longer with the act. Former Bad Trip member Miwa Saita was singing. She had contacted the band by e-mail. The band was playing shows in 2022.

5X was a Japanese police code. Buzz was a seventies’ Japanese folk rock band. Bad Trip was a covers’ band.