Illusions Kill - 1986 - Roadrunner

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S= Liquid Fire, Frenzy, Kaos>>Angelo Jensen>>Native Tongue, Earth To Ashes
G= NEIL DELAFORCE - Kaos>> BRIAN SPALDING>>Black Rose, Flametal
B= Edward Dysarz
D= Staje Frite, Slak Alice>>Gerard Gonsalves>>Slak Alice, Calamity Jayne, Native Tongue

This band was formed in 1984 in Hawaii by Spalding and Jensen who had migrated from Kaos. With the assistance of producer and contact Rick Asher Keefer the band signed for three albums to Roadrunner Records. The band's second and third albums (Hardball and Live respectively) were recorded, but never actually released. The band's rhythm section left the fold only four days after the act relocated to L.A. - ostensibly because they missed their girlfriends. The band was active for six years there. Anthony Pantaleo was the singer and guitarist from 1987 to 1992. The Collected Works - Volume #1 and 2 were issued in 2002. 2009 brought a full-length demo called Afterlife.

Native Tongue was an acoustic rock band. Black Rose was a California-based Thin Lizzy tribute band. Flametal mixed flamenco with metal.