Tenebrarum Cadent Exsurgemus - 1997 - Elegy
Sacraments of The Final Atrocity - 2004 - Morbid Wrath


S= Mephitium, Meatshits, Infester>>Crom [Dario Derna]>> Mephitium, Krohm, Drawn & Quartered, Evoken - Assück, Funerbrarum>>MORGUL [DARYL KAHAL]>>Funebrarum - In Memorium, Thy Infernal, Lord Gore>>NIHILIST>>Thy Infernal, Lord Gore
G= Assück, Mephitium>>Morgul [Daryl Kahal]>>Mephitium, Funerabrum - Cythrall - Diabolis [Chris Scholts] - Assück, Mephitium, Funerbrarum>>MORGUL [DARYL KAHAL]>>Funebrarum - Abysmal Gates, Beyond the Flesh>>CIEMNOSC [BRIAN GAWASKI]>>Abysmal Gates, Beyond the Flesh
B= Mephitium, Funebrarum, Warhead>>NYARLATHOTEP [DAVE WAGNER]>>Funebrarum, Warhead, Mephitium
D= Sedition, Warhead>>WARHEAD [CHRIS DEMYDENKO]>>Warhead


This full-image black metal band claimed to be influenced by Sodom, Venom and Mayhem but by the time of the debut 1996 EP Channeling The Etherial Moon was adding more melody and keyboards into the sound. The band was from New York and New Jersey and was formed by the rhythm section in 1995. The band returned to the album scene in 2005, but toured Europe a year earlier with Krieg and Demoncy.