Abbath – 2016 – Season Of Mist
Outstrider – 2019 – Season Of Mist
Dread Reaver – 2022 – Season Of Mist

Abbath image
S= Dimmu Borgir, Fimbulwinter, Nocturnal Breed, Chrome Division, Ov Hell>>Shagrath [Stian Tomt Thoresen]>>Dimmu Borgir, Chrome Division - Trelldom, God Seed, Gorgorth, Gaahlskagg, Wardruna>>Gaahl [Kristian Eivind Espedal]>>Trelldom, God Seed, Gaahlskagg, Wardruna - Old Funeral, Amputation, Secrecy, Satanel, Det Hedenske Folk, Bömbers, I>>ABBATH [OLVE EIKEMO]>>Old Funeral
G= Old Funeral, Amputation, Secrecy, Satanel, Det Hedenske Folk, Bömbers, I>>ABBATH [OLVE EIKEMO]>>Old Funeral – Combo Candombe, Ilti Milta>>OLE ANDRE FARSTAD>>Ilti Milta
B= Shag, Gorgoroth, God Seed, King Ov Hell, I>>Tom Cato Visnes [King Ov Hell]>>God Seed, King Ov Hell, I – Huggin, Skoll, Darkness, Solo, The True Endless, Triumph Of Death>>Mia Wallace>>Solo, Triumph Of Death, Nervosa - Huggin, Skoll, Darkness, Solo, The True Endless, Triumph Of Death, Nervosa>>MIA WALLACE>>Solo, Triumph Of Death, Nervosa
D= Borknagar, God Seed, Hellhaven, Oceans Of Time, ICS Vortex, Ihsahn>>Baard Kolstad>>Borknagar, God Seed, Hellhaven, Oceans Of Time, ICS Vortex – De Lirium's Order, Vermivore, Suvilehto, Tuliterä>>UKRI SUVILEHTO>>Vermivore, Suvilehto, Tuliterä

Season Of Mist signed Abbath in March 2015. Having recently officially departed from Immortal to form a new band under his own name, the man was currently working on his debut album for Season Of Mist, which was expected to be ready in early 2016. Also in the band were singer Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir, Tom Cato Visnes a.k.a King Ov Hell from Gorgoroth and Ov Hell, drummer Baard Kolstad of God Seed and Borknagar and singer Gaahl. French drummer Kevin Foley (a.k.a Creature) had left Abbath for “personal reasons.” He was drumming in Benighted. Bassist King Ov Hell left in mid-2018. The bassist cited the lyrics, which were regarding the notions of psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung and their connection to Christianity, as the reason. Abbath released its 2019 album, entitled Outstrider, through Season Of Mist in May. Abbath, Vltimas and 1349 would tour Europe in January 2020. Obituary would embark on a North American tour in the autumn of 2019. Support was to come from Abbath, Midnight and Devil Master in September and October. Abbath and Mayhem were to tour Canada and the USA in the spring of 2020. Abbath cancelled its remaining shows on its South American tour due to illness. However, the band appeared as a trio without guitarist Ole André Farstad in Buenos Aires, Argentina to attempt to play a show only to get through two songs before quitting. Olve subsequently pleaded drunkenness and addiction and checked into a rehab institution. Bassist Mia Wallace was fired at the beginning of 2020. Abbath entered the studio for the recording of its third full-length at the beginning of 2021. The band was residing at the Dub Studio in Kristiansand, Norway with producer Endre Kirkesol. Ms. Wallace was back in 2021.

Abbath had a new song and music video in 2022. The song Dream Cull was taken from the band’s new record Dread Reaver, which was set for release through Season Of Mist on March 25. After two years of forced hiatus,, Vertigo and Cerberus Booking announced details for Festival 2022. Taking place in September, the line-up included Sodom, Watain, Abbath, Asphyx and Bølzer. Abbath and Watain were to tour together.