Intercourse & Lust - 1996 - Modern Invasion


S= Barbatos>>YASUYUKI SUZUKI>>Barbatos
G= Yasunori - YASUNORI
B= Yasuyuki Suzuki
D= Youhei - YOUHEI


Like most Asian bands when in January of 1992 Abigail (you can already tell from where the bands influences are derived) was formed, the trio was mostly into old 80's thrash and black metal. A self-titled demo 92 was followed by some shows with Sigh, the departure of everyone except Mr Suzuki (the band became a one-man project), a demo called Blasphemy Night in 1993, A 7" EP on HSB Records of Holland (a teenager in his mother's basement) entitled Descending From A Blackend Sky, a split CD with Funeral Winds (later Liar Of Golgotha) through Colombia's Warmaster Records (a teenager in his mother's shed), the return of the guitarist and drummer and finally another 7" EP on Canada's Of Gods Grace Productions (a teenager this time headquartered in his mother's attic).
In late 1996 Australia's Modern Invasion Records signed the band and the band put out their debut full length through the label. The band was supposedly active and toured Europe with Impiety.