In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns – 2008 - Candlelight
In The Absence Of Light – 2010 - Candlelight
Becoming – 2012 - Candlelight
The Accuser – 2015 - Candlelight
Walk Beyond The Dark – 2019 - Blood

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Reign Of Vengeance, Bro Jovi>>KEN SORCERON ROTHSCHILD>>Bro Jovi

Ken Sorceron Rothschild - Your Mom, Vehemence, The Symmetry In Chaos>>Bjorn Dannov>>Vehemence, The Symmetry In Chaos - Your Mom, Vehemence, The Symmetry In Chaos>>Bjorn Dannov>>Vehemence, The Symmetry In Chaos – Matt Brown – Artisan, Abysmal Dawn>>Ian Jekelis>>Abysmal Dawn, Aborted – Krieg, Nachtmystium, Liar In Wait, Chrome Waves, Doomsday, Le Chant Funebre, Wolvhammer, Negative Mantra>>Jeff Wilson>>Liar In Wait, Chrome Waves, Doomsday, Le Chant Funebre, Wolvhammer, Negative Mantra

Kyle Dickinson – System Divide>>Plaguehammer [Tommy Haywood Jr.]>>System Divide, Bro Jovi, Grave Plague, Humanity Is Cancer – Amphion>>Griffin Wotawa – Von, Wolvhammer>>M.L. [Micah Leonetti]>>Wolvhammer, Chrome Waves

The Black Dahlia Murder, Mutilated, Shit Life>>Zach Gibson>>Mutilated, Shit Life, Nightkin, Shock Narcotic – Eliminator, Suspyre>>Samus [Sam Paulicelli]>>66Samus, Decrepit Birth, Eliminator, Burial In The Sky, Forever’s Edge – Blood Of Cain, Fallon>>Ken Bedene>>Blood Of Cain, Fallon, Aborted, Aerith – Nachtmystium, Lord Mantis, Cobalt, Negative Mantra>>Charlie Fell>>Cobalt, Negative Mantra, Lord Mantis

Siren Conspiracy, Ellyllon>>Ashley "Ellyllon" Jurgemeyer>>Siren Conspiracy, Ellyllon, Cradle Of Filth, Orbs - Siren Conspiracy, Ellyllon>>Ashley "Ellyllon" Jurgemeyer>>Siren Conspiracy, Ellyllon, Cradle Of Filth, Orbs – The Black Dhalia Murder, Hateplow, Mutilated, Gutrot, Nightkin>>Zach Gibson>>Gutrot, Hateplow, Nightkin, Shit Life

History & Biography
Arizona’s Abigail Williams was formed in 2004 and named after an accuser at the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. The group was formed by guitarist Ken Sorceron, his squeeze Ashley Jurgemeyer and bassist Tom Brougher. Mark Kozuback replaced the four stringer. Demos called Watchtower and Gallow Hill were issued, but the band focused its activity on the MySpace site. Singer Connor Woods would exit early in 2006 and would be replaced by Ken Sorceron. Also out would be Vehemence members Mark Kozuback and Andy Schroeder. The band signed to Candlelight Records for three albums, which issued the band’s demo material as a limited Edition EP in January of 2007. Abigail Williams opened for a reunited Emperor in July of 2006 in California. Also on the bill was Goatwhore. The group was recording a debut with James Murphy at that time. Guitarist Dannov left the band and rejoined in the spring of 2008.

The group decided to disband following a series of line-up changes and disappointing reviews in early 2007. The gang resurfaced in the autumn. The band also announced touring intentions. Ken Sorceron and Zach Gibson were joined by even newer cast of characters with the former having given up the guitarist position. Early 2008 reports had Emperor drummer Trym Torson recording with Abigail Williams as a replacement for the departed Zach Gibson. The band was recording a full-length. Abigail Williams participated in the summer’s Thrash And Burn Tour. Kicking off July 29, 2008 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the festival tour also featured Darkest Hour, Parkway Drive, Misery Signals, Winds Of Plague, Arsis and others. The band was supporting its In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns album. Salem Rose Music (Warbringer, etc.) announced that it had expanded its management roster with the addition of new clients, Abigail Williams and Decrepit Birth, in late 2009. Due to an “injury” to drummer Ken Meyers at the beginning of 2010 the band cancelled its tour with Nile.

Candlelight Records announced September 27th as the release date for Abigail Williams’ In The Absence Of Light. It was recorded at Conquistador Studio in Cleveland, Ohio and mixed by Peter Tägtgren. Current and former members of Abigail Williams and Aborted initiated a new project called Bro Jovi. Singer Rob Montague, guitarists Cole Martinez and Ken Sorceron, bassist Andrew Lenthe and drummer Thomas Haywood readied an album called Songs To Crush Beers To Vol. I : Slippery When Blacked in 2010. Abigail Williams had a new album, Becoming, for a January 24th, 2012 release through Candlelight Records. Zach Gibson was back. Abigail Williams threw in the towel in June of 2012. "After much consideration, we have decided to make these upcoming Abigail Williams shows our last U.S. tour.” Abigail Williams was touring the Eastern half of the USA in 2014 with plans for more shows in May and June with Lecherous Nocturne and Panzerfaust. As the band prepared for its full-length album The Accuser to see release through Candlelight Records at the end of October of 2015, the first single from the record was issued in the form of an exclusive premiere of Path Of Broken Glass through Revolver Magazine. Additionally, the band's co-headlining North American tour with Today Is The Day was underway. Abigail Williams, Belphegor and Origin used The Conjuring The Dead North American Raid Part II monicker to play shows at twenty four cities in North America from August 11th through September 4th of 2016. Abigail Williams had an album called Walk Beyond The Dark through Blood Music in November. Bassist Bryan O’Sullivan was on guitar now. Bryce Butler was also in the band (as well as a dozen other acts). Ken was the sole remaining member. Abigail Williams, Vale Of Pnath, Stormruler, Ghost Bath and Rotting Christ were using the Devastation On The Nation Tour 2022 monicker for a North American trek that April and May. Agonia Records signed Abigail Williams in the summer of 2023. The band was working on the follow-up album to 2019’s Walk Beyond The Dark. The band was Ken Sorceron and the returnee, Bryan O' Sullivan.


Amazing what they call 'black metal' these days. Clearly influenced by the English Disney band Cradle Of Filth, America’s Abigail Williams is everything that should not be. Rattling programmed drums are the best thing one can note about this bunch of upstarts, for the meaningless guitars, screechy vocals mixed with clean boy band chants, pianos and synthesizers (naturally played by a girl with delusions of grandeur in a corset) and a song called The Conqueror Wyrm, in order to establish the band’s troo cvlt credentials via the scene approved spelling, really need no further elaboration.
This thing is billed as a limited edition 5-song EP, which is the way it should be. Wider dissemination of this demo-turned-official release would lead to broader embarrassment. Abigail Williams is the type of band that would be perfect on MySpace with a long list of 'friends’ citing allegiance to COF, Dimmu Borgir and Marilyn Manson. Black metal fans - and metal fans in general - would and should stay away. Only fans of cloning would get into this. - Ali “The Metallian”

A guest appearance by drummer Trym Torson of Emperor fame will probably get this album 9/10 grade reviews everywhere. Not that those outlets give anyone anything less than an 8/10 anyway.
Emperor of Filth is sitting in the American desert being a Dimwit amusing the rattlesnake with its piano work while wearing a metal stud - the closest thing this band comes to heavy metal.
All the elements of juvenile Disney metal are here: piano, clingy synthesizers, gruff growls, high pitched screams, fast Mickey mouse riffs, fast drumming etc. Sigh!
What next? An American looking at the crumbling world around him only to next proclaim that the government should not meddle with business? A general describing the many enemies waiting to kill us as he asks for even more tax money? A Finnish band with synthesizers? A sushi chef with fish? A Zionist Israeli asking for weapons so he can bomb defenseless civilians as he tells us we need to remember World War II? The monthly Chrysler recall on the Sebring line? A suburban corporate employee having an affair with her boss? A reverend lusting after boys? A Russian with too much alcohol in his puffy cheeks? The remnants of puke after downing so-called beer from Milwaukee?
Keep your clichés and let’s all save time and money and skip right over Abigail Williams. - Ali “The Metallian”


Abigail Williams