Unspeakable Horrors - 1997 - Wild Rags
In Darkness Embrace - 1998 - Wild Rags
The Way After - 1999 - Wild Rags
Ungodly - 2000 - Deathgasm
Upon Black Horizons - 2002 - Deathgasm
Where Demons Dwell – 2010 – Deathgasm
Onward To Annihilation – 2013 - Deathgasm
Napalm Reign – 2016 - Deathgasm

Abominant image
S= Effigy>>Buck Wideman - Cataclysm>>MIKE BARNES

G= Effigy>>Buck Wideman - Effigy>>Buck Wideman - Sarcoma>>TIMMIE BALL

B= Sarcoma>>MIKE MAY

D= Effigy>>Craig Netto - Cataclysm, Assisting Sorrow, Coronach>>JIM HIGGINS

History & Biography
With the demise of Sarcoma, Effigy and Cataclysm, Abominant became a band in 1993. I recall seeing the band live once and was reminded of Vital Remains. The band had an early EP on Arctic Circle and was on Wild Rags until proprietor Richard C. went bankrupt and disappeared. Unspeakable Horrors was recorded for a non-existent Michigan, USA label but eventually was salvaged through Wild Rags. The band also followed the trend and appeared on one of the many Metallica cover CDs out there. Timmie is originally from Thailand and Mike May had a zine called Infected Voice.

Abominant's Where Demons Dwell was out through Deathgasm in late 2010. Abominant’s next studio album Napalm Reign was out through Deathgasm Records. Several track names were The Watchers, Truth Beyond Belief and As Evil Rears Its Head.