Damnation's Prophecy - 1999 - Necropolis
Subversives For Lucifer - 2001 - Osmose
Nuctemeron Descent - 2003 - Osmose
The Eternal Conflagration - 2006 - Displeased
Evil Proclaimed – 2015 – Hells Headbangers

Abominator image
Destroyer 666, Ignivomous>>CHRIS VOLCANO [CHRIS BROADWAY]>>Ignivomous - Bestial Warlust>>Damon Bloodstorm [Damon Burr]>>Holocaust Wolves Of The Apocalypse – Coven>>Max Krieg


Corpse Molestation, Bestial Warlust>>Damon Bloodstorm [Damon Burr]>>Kutabare, Holocaust Wolves Of The Apocalypse – Coven, Anarazel>>Valak Exhumer>>AK-11 – Bestial Warlust, Cemetery Urn>>ANDREW UNDERTAKER [ANDREW GILLON]>>Cemetery Urn

Destruktor, Destroyer 666, Urgrund, Denouncement Pyre, Ignivomous, Voidchrist>>CHRIS VOLCANO>>Urgrund, Denouncement Pyre, Ignivomous, Voidchrist

History & Biography
Abominator began kicking around in 1994 as a duo of Chris and Andrew. Taking a violent approach the band released demos like Barbarian War Worship and Conqueror Possessed. The first demo was re-released as a split with Mornaland on Germany's Path To Ignorance Records. Abominator was busy both touring near its home base of Victoria, Australia and working on new material in 1999. The songs were reportedly faster; yet the compositions were delayed after singer/ bassist Damon Bloodstorm was injured in a car accident.

The year 2001 brought about the departure of Bloodstorm and signing to Osmose Production for three albums. The band recruited Exhumer and Krieg (formerly of New Zealand act Coven) after the Subversives For Lucifer album. Shows, including a support to Mayhem, followed. Nuctemeron Descent - initially entitled Cascading Carnage - was released in December of 2003. It was recorded and mixed at St. Andrews Studio by Mark McCormack who had previously worked with Gospel Of The Horns.

The band signed to Displeased Records for 2006. After years of dormancy the group recorded a new album in 2013 and 2014, which was issued in 2015.


What goes around... amidst the plethora of melodic/gothic/atmospheric/bull shit metal bands here comes courtesy of the ever-reliable Necropolis, Australia's Abominator which holds within its ranks former members of Australia's elite band (not AC/DC), namely Bestial Warlust. and Destroyer 666. Kicking the long player off with a reversed track reminiscent of Morbid Angel's unmatched Altars Of Madness, the Aussie three-piece immediately set the record straight regarding their style. This is best described as a cross between the chaos of early Belial with the bestiality of Incantation on speed. This debut grabs hold of your jugular and does not loosen its grip 'til all blood is drenched from the body. It is quite wild, to the point and energetic and so by design. Blood will flow, and Abominator will probably end up repelling nine out of ten of today's so-called metal fans who are in fact little more than the enemy's fifth column. Let me put it this way, if you like Pantera or have ever found the crap that calls itself Emperor cool and bearable, then you should kill yourself before this gets into your ear and does the job for you. Thumbs up Necropolis! - Ali "The Metallian"

Anyone listening to Abominator knows what it feels like to be a bug caught on a highway. Abominator is the musical equivalent of a bulldozer out of control, ready to crush any and all in its path. The Australians are chaotic and uncompromising death metal connoisseurs. The new singer exudes an unmistakably lethal tinge. The riffs detonate like nuclear chainsaws. The drummer crashes through his kit with all the rage of a Taliban on a joy ride through the White House. The band has that certain maniacal Aussie death metal edge that Destroyer 666 and Bestial Warlust have already mastered. It also mixes a little Cannibal Corpse and Diabolic into the mix. Were the band to achieve a better production next time around things will be nigh on perfect. For now, The Ultimate Ordinance Of Obliteration is not merely a favourite song; rather a mandate borne by these monomaniacs. - Ali "The Metallian"

What can one say that hasn’t already been said about Abominator or the fierce Australian death metal scene? Perhaps, it is necessary (or not) to note that Abominator is still harsh, pounding brutality. There is no reason why labels would be dropping Abominator and for the trio to be migrating from label to label. Every single song on this forty-minute plus album is riddled with enough heaviness to break the back of Atlas and Hercules. Manic screeching solos, grunts of death, pounding drums, lyrics from hell, what else does a death metal fan need aside from a louder snare sound? The barbarians are not at the gate; they are in the CD player. - Anna Tergel