Acid - 1983 - Giant
Maniac - 1984 - Giant
Engine Beast - 1985 - Giant
Live In Belgium ‘84 – 2009 - Maniacal

Acid image
S= Precious Page>>Kate De Lombaerd

G= Precious Page>>Demon [Donald Devers]- Velvet Morning>>Dizzy Lizzy [Dirk Simoens]>>Velvet Morning

B= Precious Page>>T-Bone [Peter Decock]

D= Anvill [Geert Ricquier]

History & Biography
Belgium's Acid was the real deal. With Kate ruling the stage as a dominatrix, Acid's early worked showed a heavy metal band ahead of its time. The band had a single called Hooked On Metal and opened for the likes of Motorhead and Venom.

The band claimed a comeback in 2019 and was booked for Blast From The Past festival in 2020, but part of the membership claimed this Kate on her own and had departed.