Are You A Rebel? - 1990
Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks - 1991
Strip Tease - 1992
Vile Vicious Vision - 1993
Fishdick - 1994
Infernal Connection - 1994 - Mega Czad
The State Of Mind Report - 1996 - Plton
High Proof Cosmic Milk - 1998
Amazing Atomic Activity - 1999 - Metal Mind
Broken Head - 2001
Acidofilia - 2002 - Sony
Rock Is Not Enough... Give Me The Metal - 2004 - Sony

Acid Drinkers image
S= Albert Rosenfield, Virgin Snatch>>TITUS [TOMASZ PUKACKI]>>Virgin Snatch

G= Woytek - Litza [Robert Friedrich] >>Creation Of Death, Turbo - Wolf Spider>>POP CORN [DARIUSZ POPOWICZ] - ALEKSANDER 'OLAS' MENDYK

B= Albert Rosenfield, Virgin Snatch, Anti Tank Nun>>TITUS [TOMASZ PUKACKI]>>Virgin Snatch, Anti Tank Nun


History & Biography
Following the departure of Woytek after the Are You A Rebel? debut, the prolific Polish band expanded to a quartet. While the early albums were released on MFN's Under One Flag subsidiary, the crossover outfit has only had Polish releases in recent years. A DVD called 15 Screwed Years was released in 2004. A new Acid Drinkers DVD/DVD+CD - The Hand That Rocks The Coffin was issued through Metal Mania in 2006. Three Acid Drinkers albums were being remastered and rereleased by rerelease label, Metal Mind Productions, in 2009. These were Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks, Streap Tease and Are You A Rebel? Metal Mind Productions would re-release three more albums in July of 2009. These were The State Of Mind Report from 1996, High Proof Cosmic Milk from 1998 and Varran Strikes Back - Alive!!!



Acid Drinkers