Prooemivm Sangvine – 2009 – Casket
Spartacus – 2013 – Blast Head
Carthago Delenda Est – 2016 - Xtreem
Rise Of The Empire – 2019 - Rockshots

S= Flavio – Orodreth, Suicidal Causticity>>DIOCLETIANVS [NIKOLAS BRUNI]>>Suicidal Causticity
G= Messor – Night Silence, Lod Vampyr, Shining Void>>FABIO [FABIO PALAZZOLA]>>Night Silence, Lod Vampyr, Shining Void – Blood Legion, Elarmir>>Nero [Daniele Amador]>>Blood Legion, Onydia – Overactive>>NERVA [FRANCESCO FASOLO]>>Overactive
B= Damneds>>Caligula [Giovanni Capaldo]>>Damneds – Exence, Sextum Sepulcrum, Suicidal Causticity, Subhuman, Eldritch>>CORNELIVS [DARIO LASTRUCCI]>>Sextum Sepulcrum, Suicidal Causticity, Subhuman, Eldritch
D= Aeternus – Commodvs – Helslave, Plugs Of Apocalypse>>DECIVS [DAVIDE ITRI]>>Plugs Of Apocalypse
F= Night Silence>>Simone D’Andrea>>Night Silence

The band is based in Italy and calls its folk-ish sound Roman death metal. The band is of little interest to heavy metal fans given the use of flutes, Oud and other instruments. The band was founded in 2007. Ultima Ratio is the name of the 2008 demo. Casket Music signed the band and issued Prooemivm Sangvine. Ade’s Rise Of The Empire was out through Extreme Metal Music/Rockshots Records in November. 2019 had brought a wholesale change of line-up to the band with the exception of Fabivs.