Angels Of Darkness>>ADIMIRON - ITALY

Burning Souls - 2004 - Karmageddon
When Reality Wakes Up – 2009 - Alkemist Fanatix Europe
K2 – 2011 – Bakerteam
Timelapse – 2014 - Scarlet
Et Liber Eris – 2017 - Indie

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Leonard Gioia - Andrea Spinelli – Invernoir>>SAMI EL KADI>>Invernoir

Heavendeer>>ALESSANDRO CASTELLI>>Heavendeer - Danilo Valentini>>Aborym

Davide Corliano - Maurizio Villeato - Claudio Simonetti's Goblin, Spin The Wheel>>CECILIA NAPPO>>Claudio Simonetti's Goblin, Spin The Wheel

Davide Carotenuto - FEDERICO MARAGONI

History & Biography
The Italian band was formed in 1998 as Angels Of Darkness by Castelli and Carotenuto. The band would release a four-song demo called Everlasting Flight in mid-2001. A self-titled demo would follow the year after. Shows with The Crown, God Dethroned, Belphegor and Enthroned followed. The band signed to New Aeon Media/Karmageddon which issued the band's full-length in the summer of 2004. The band played at Kaltenbach Metal fest in Austria that summer. The band recruited second guitarist Danilo Valentini. The new member was already a session member in the band for most of 2004. The band would record a video-clip for the song Cold Anxiety to be included as a bonus on the band's second album. The second album ended up being recorded in 2008 and appeared in 2009. The group established an internal bet that it would release no more than an album on a label. Adimiron played at a show called Hills Of Rock! in Bulgaria in 2019 before going into the void.


Every once in a while an album comes before us here at Metallian Towers which surpasses expectations and grabs the attention of the great halls with its majestic metal. Beautifully played, produced and imagined, Burning Souls is a truly fine example how to combine several heavy metal styles, make the mixture work and do it so very convincingly.
Adimiron's album fuses techno-metal a la Death or Voivod with heavy barrages of death a la At The Gates and Sadist all fused with the melodic and symphonic sounds of death metal as pioneered by Morbid Angel. It is a fantastic brew only diminished by the sporadic keyboard appearance. The singer's screams and growls are aggressive and effective, the songs tight and innovative and, leaving the best for last, the guitarist a true virtuoso with a smoking left hand and ripping solos. Some of the album's leads are simultaneous lessons in melody and speed. Realizing its own potential the band spends a good amount of its time in instrumental territory, with the singer making infrequent appearances. Adimiron's dexterity and power combine for a truly potent concoction of mega proportions. - Ali "The Metallian"