Like Cutting The Sleeping - 1998 - Head Not Found
Author Of Incest – 2005 - Agonia

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Shards>>MELISSA GRAY>>Shards

Lvcifyre>>TONY SLUT SODOMIZER [TONY BREWER]>>Lvcifyre – Hodür, Sons Of Serpent, Lvcifyre, Death Like Mass, Sodality>>T. Kaos>>Death Like Mass, Sodality

Demoniac, Razor Of Occam>>CHRIS HASTINGS>>Demoniac, Razor Of Occam

Severed Head>>Paul Elvidge>>Severed Head – Frustrum, Grave Miasma, Goat Molester, Cruciamentum>>DANI BEN-HAIM [MOLESTER]>>Grave Miasma, Goat Molester, Cruciamentum

History & Biography
The band issued a demo called Beyond The Distant Blue. Rumour has it that HNF wanted these four so badly that it went against its agreement with its financial backers Voices Of Wonder stating that it must stick with Norwegian bands and signed Adorior. T. Kaos was added for the second record, but left a year or so later. A 2004 split with Witchmaster was also issued on Agonia finally. Nuclear War Now issued a split for the band with Terrorama in 2010.

S. Assassinator became the guitarist in 2019. R.C. took over the bass in 2022.

The band played in Romania and appeared at Chaos Descends Festival as well in 2023.

Adorior (Latin for rise up and attack) stands for raw and lo fi black metal from the UK. The act calls its music fist metal.


Newcomer British black metal band Adorior (to rise up and attack in Latin) had me worried upon arrival. The band's biography had tagged the word 'epic' next to the band. That adjective being the modern code word for pretentious, weak and poser combined, this writer was poised to do some rising up and attacking of his own. For the most part an attack is uncalled for. Adorior is a blazing and superior black metal force with the vocals and riffs to back the claim up. utilizing surprisingly mature heavy and fast riffs, the blaspheming band brandishes enough force to displace Cradle of hype from its perceived number one position in the black metal circles. Adorior spits enough venom to take its place among the ranks of Satyricon and Ulver and you won't catch these guys wearing top hats either! The disappointing spots are the three or so times vocalist Melissa takes it upon herself to pretend she is the whore of Thomas Warrior or something by opening her mouth to belch 'operatic' female yawn as if Celtic dross has returned. These remain mercifully isolated moments and the well-crafted violent musicianship wins the day. This one is recommended. - Ali "The Metallian"