Those Who Will Remain Silent Forever - 2012 - Naturmacht
Stormveiled - 2019 - Avantgarde
Storming The Fortress - 2020 - Werewolf
Night Sky Illuminations - 2023 - Avantgarde

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Evil Dead, Karpathia, Distant Shapes>>SVARTHEN>>Karpathia, Distant Shapes

Evil Dead, Karpathia, Necroheresy, Ancestral Volkhves, Ritual Spell, Krolok, Stronghold>>SVARTHEN>>Necroheresy, Ancestral Volkhves, Karpathia, Ritual Spell, Krolok, Stronghold - Evil Dead, Necroheresy>>Axoris>>Necroheresy - Krajiny Hmly, Rotting Gutless Corpse, Besna>>Skald>>Krajiny Hmly, Rotting Gutless Corpse, Besna

Axoris - Concubia Nocte, Ritual Spell, Distant Shapes, Silva Nigra, Stronghold>>SVARTHEN>>Concubia Nocte, Silva Nigra, Ritual Spell, Distant Shapes, Stronghold

Evil Dead, Karpathia, Necroheresy, Krajiny Hmly, Ritual Spell>>Askold>>Karpathia, Necroheresy, Krajiny Hmly, Ritual Spell K= Evil Dead, Karpathia, Necroheresy, Ritual Spell, Concubia Nocte, Distant Shapes, Silva Nigra, Stronghold>>SVARTHEN>>Karpathia, Necroheresy, Ritual Spell, Concubia Nocte, Silva Nigra, Distant Shapes, Stronghold

History & Biography
The keyboard laden band was founded in 2007 and issued a demo simply called Aeon in 2010. Axoris was on bass and guitar from 2009 until 2010, left, rejoined in 2014 and abandoned ship again in 2017. Sensing the keyboards, someone in Finland issued the band’s debut record in 2012. A couple of splits and amusingly a compilation followed. The band switched to Avantgarde. Storming The Fortress, however, was a live record taped over several years and locations like Brutal Assault and Hellfast Attack. Avantgarde was issuing Aeon Winds’ Night Sky Illuminations in November 2023.

Project participants come. Project participants go. Main man Svarthen himself is in and out of projects and available for hire. Svarthen works on music at his own Tryzna studio.



Aeon Winds