Disciples Of The Unseen - 2010 - Metal Blade
Moongod – 2012 - Galy
Heir Of The Rising Sun - 2022 - Rockmark

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Samuel Dubois

History & Biography
In late 2009, Quebec City, Canada’s Aeternam was gearing up to release its debut album on February 16th, 2010. Disciples Of The Unseen was a 10-track “foray into an atmospheric, aggressive, melodic and Egyptian-tinged death metal,” according to Metal Blade’s publicity. The album was produced by Jef Fortin (Neuraxis and The Last Felony) and was for fans of Nile, Melechesh, Behemoth according to the label. It was initially self-released in 2009. The group was born in 2007. The band’s singer and guitarist hailed from Morocco. Quebec City's Aeternam embarked on an eastern Canadian tour, in support of the debut album Disciples Of The Unseen, in June of 2010. Samuel Dubois left. Venom Inc., Suffocation, Nervosa and Canada-based Aeternam would tour Europe in March and April 2018. Ruins Of Empires was an independent demo from 2017. The Blood Stained Earth Tour of 2018 featured Venom Inc., Suffocation, Nervosa, Aeternam and Survive. Al Qassam was a 2020 demo. Mathieu Roy-Lortie joined on guitar in 2021. Hubert Gonthier Blouinjoined on bass in 2022.

Canada-based Vortex was supporting its keyboard-laden demo The Future Remains In Oblivion with concerts in eastern Canada in late summer and autumn of 2023. Aeternam was on the road with the band for many of the dates.