Kínzó Harag – 2005 – Terranis
Layae Bölcsője – 2006 - Northfire
Víziók – 2007 – Paragon
Black Medicine/Fekete Orvosság – 2009 - Paragon
Ventus – 2012 – Paragon
MMXV – 2015 - Paragon
Mártír – 2020 – Paragon/Grimmdistribution
A Sors Sz​ü​rke Pora - 2023 - Paragon/Grimmdistribution

Aetherius Obscuritas image
Sudden Death>>ARKHORRL [VIKTOR VÁGVÖLGYI]>>Sudden Death

Sudden Death>>ARKHORRL [VIKTOR VÁGVÖLGYI]>>Sudden Death


Sudden Death>>ZSON [László Fodor]>>Sudden Death


History & Biography
Black metal band active in Hungary through the efforts of Viktor since the dawn of 2002, the band issued a demo, called Vilagra Jott, in 2003. The band started its love affair with bracketed song titles here. The lyrics mixed Hungarian with English. A demo was called Az Éjszaka Császára arrived in 2004. Someone quickly snapped to attention and re-issued it as an album. Yet another demo, Sötét Prófécia, followed and included a Burzum cover.

Terranis Productions issued Kínzó Harag. Layae Bölcsője introduced drummer Zson. Sleaszy Rider put the band on a 2007 split with Thokkian Vortex called The Saturnine Alliance. The band toured in 2010. For the first time there was a multi-year gap between Ventus and its predecessor. A Sors Sz​ü​rke Pora ('The Gray Dust Of Predestination') was a new record for 2023. The title track was a video as well.

The band and Sudden Death are linked. The members have been shared and assist for concerts. The band considers itself 'elite black metal.'


The latest album by the Hungary-based Aetherius Obscuritas certainly features several noteworthy tracks and piles on the cacophony. It is not imbued with either originality or speeds and heaviness beyond other acts of the same sub-genre, but that is more a function of the extremism on the scene rather than the duo being soft, mellow or commercial in any sense.
Certainly Az Igaz (What 'True' Is), The Frozen Lake Of Eternity and the title track (called ‘Marthyr’) are very good metal songs, in that order, and fans of acts like Ragnarok, whose singer Jontho contributes to the title track, or Ancient should find plenty to enjoy here. The band is line-up-wise referred to as a duo, but peruse the disc’s cover and booklet and it is clear that really one man is in charge. Viktor’s vocals bear elements of Ancient, Cradle Of Filth and Carcass. His lyrics, however, are something else. Certainly, it is not possible for Metallian Towers to judge those lyrics that are rendered in Hungarian, but the English lyrics leave a lot to be desired. Read Marthyr’s lyrics and wonder whether they are composed by Google Translate, are a test for the reader or perhaps are a tribute to designer Hungarian drugs. Oh well. The vocals, as described, are by and large desirable and extreme, but sadly there are a couple of clean vocal passages and whispers included. As far as other undesirable elements, the band has deemed it necessary to include some acoustic guitars (the instrumental Beyound The Walls, which is not a typo) and background synthesizers. The acoustic interlude hints at Dissection and that atmospheric and medieval sound Jon favoured. The odd synthesizer can be heard on Lidércpalota (Incubus Palace), Destiny: Unknown and on A Harag Lángja (The Flame Of Wrath). Ilyen A Vér (Blood Is Like This) features technical riffs and guitar tremolo picking. The title track has a little of that clean/whispered/spoken vocals, whileAz Igaz may be the favourite track, as mentioned, here with its mix of power and sad doomy and melodious riffs. They work. Speaking of which this is not a linear album in that the tracks whirl around multiple speeds and tempos. Lidércpalota (Incubus Palace) is a good example of this. The track is vicious and then slow and then kicks into high gear again before becoming tepid. It keeps the listener on his toes. Despite not being bad per se, the drum sound is the weak point, and the band has actually travelled across borders to record them in a different studio. The vocals and guitars fare better.
All of that said, perhaps most remarkable element here is the six-armed figure with the goat mask on the cover. Potentially a variation on the Buddhist Durga, this figure stands out to the observer before he becomes a listener. – Ali “The Metallian”


Aetherius Obscuritas