Burning Chrome - 2004 - Auburn
Detonate – 2016 - Auburn

Aftershok image
S= Banger, Shok Paris>>Vic Hix>>Shok Paris – GEORGE SHEFFROTH

G= Shok Paris, Dofka>>GEORGE MIHALOVICH>>Shok Paris, Dofka

B= Banger, Shockwave, Nightstalker>>Nick Gryszka

D= Leather Leone>>GEORGE BORDEN>>Leather Leone

History & Biography
Aftershok was formed in 1997 by former Cleveland metal band Shok Paris' frontman Vic Hix and guitarist Mihalovich. The guitarist was based in Pittsburgh now. The band added a rhythm section and finally played live in 2000. Drummer George B. had tried out for Shok Paris at one point. The band opened for many bands passing through town and finally issued an independent CD called Unfinished Business in the spring of 2002. More live shows followed and the band's members with a Shok Paris pedigree also performed live again.

Aftershok announced a partnership with Cleveland-based independent label Auburn Records, home of Shok Paris, in 2004. Aftershok's second CD, Burning Chrome, was released that autumn under a joint venture between the band's own Aftershok Muzik label and Auburn. George Borden left in April of 2006. Nick Gryszka left one year later due to work obligations. George Sheffroth sang on Detonate.