Neverending Destiny - 1990 - Noise
Towards Beyond - 1992 - Black Mark
Symposium Of Rebirth - 1994 - Black Mark
Medieval Rites - 1999 - Seasons Of Mist


S= Bloodthorn>>ALEX COLIN-TOCQUAINE>>Bloodthorn
G= G= Bloodthorn>>ALEX COLIN-TOCQUAINE>>Bloodthorn - Outburst>>Patrick
"Manny" Gibelin - Manu Ragot - ADRAMELECH

B= Hellraiser>>Laurent - Outburst>>JOEL GUIGON
D= Thierry Pinck>>Loudblast - Deathpower>>Stephene Gwegwam - GORGOR


Agressor, and its many spelling varieties, must be the most popular band in metal history. While the band began its thrashing with some underground momentum in Antibes circa 1986, the inertia of the genre and the band's inability to raise its sound beyond standard slowly killed the band. The band finally connects with Boss of Black Mark at the Midem expo in Cannes in 1989. Once the pride of French thrash metal scene along bands like Massacra and Loudblast (with whom a split LP was releases), Agressor never really went anywhere. Barney of Napalm Death guests on the track After World Obliteration off Symposium Of Rebirth. In 1999 the band is back and plays with the likes of Loudblast and Bloodthorn and signs to Season Of Mist. Alex also moonlights as guitarist with Bloodthorn on its Red Stream debut.