Demise>>AGRETATOR>>Darkane - SWEDEN

Delusions - 1994 - Crypta/InLine

Agretator image

G= God B.C.>>PIERRE RICHTER - Zaninez>>CHRISTOFER MALMSTROM>>Darkane, Neurotic

B= JORGEN LOEFBERG>>Rehab, Darkane, The Defaced

D= Zaninez>>PETER WILDOER>>Darkane, Arch Enemy, Armageddon

History & Biography
Rising out of the ashes of power metal band Zaninez and initially called Demise, Agretator was a techno thrash band born in 1991 in Sweden. Demise recorded two demos called Prophesy and Visions. The band changes its moniker just prior to recording its debut.
The band signed with Crypta Records, a subsidiary of German label In Line, and released Delusions. The album was recorded at Delta Studio in Germany. Since the release was followed by the bankruptcy of the record company, Agretator participated on the Kompakt Kraft sampler and recorded an independent EP called Distorted Logic which never saw the light of day due to a perceived poor sound.
After seven years of existence, The members move on to Darkane. Loefberg first joins future Darkane guitarist Ideberg in Rehab. Richter joins an industrial act.