AIIZ>>Aurora - UK

The Witch Of Berkeley - 1980 - Polydor

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G= Def Leppard>>GARY OWENS>>Tytan, Rogue Male, Charles II, Heart Break Force

B= Cam Campbell

D= Karl Retil

History & Biography
AIIZ played melodic heavy metal, had two brothers onboard and were from Manchester. Gary had joined after his brother Dave. The last to join was bassist Cam. The band had obtained a major label deal after a member had knocked on the door of a house whose interior was adorned with gold records! The occupant happened to work for Polydor Records. The record was taped live because the band intended to capture its energy when on the stage. The act appeared at the famous Friday Rock Show with Tommy Vance and was billed as A To Z. The band had a Russ Ballard-penned single called I'm The One Who Loves You and toured with Black Sabbath and Girlschool in the UK in 1981. The aforementioned single was recorded by Louis Austin who was working with Judas Priest on British Steel and later did the same for Point Of Entry. The act also opened for Iron Maiden in November 1980. Simon Wright (AC/DC, etc.) was a member at the end. Other than the live album, The band had two singles.

The band was quite popular in the UK and had interest from AC/DC's manager, but was not released by its then current manager. This lead to Gary leaving. After a couple of years of working as a tour manager Gary would recruit his brother and a member of Aurora and form a band called Charles II.

Campbell, who died in 2021, was replaced by Tony Backhouse during the album's recording in 1980. The story was that Campbell, who was bisexual, had made a move on Polydor's A&R, Alan Black. The act became Aurora when Gary Owens departed.