Deathrash Bound - 1989 - Night Gallery
Human Griefman - 1990 - Night Gallery
Aionism - 1991 - Victor
Plastic Mania - 1992 - Victor
Aion - 1992 - Victor
Zetto - 1993 - Victor
Absolute - 1994 - Victor
Freak Out - 1995 - Victor

Aion image
Rosenfeld>>Hisayoshi Hiraga>>Mein Kampf, Manipulated Slaves, Rosenfeld - Paranoia, Volcano>>Nov>>Volcano

Mein Kampf, Solo, The Braincase>>IZUMI OCHIAI>>Solo, The Braincase, Mein Kampf

Mein Kampf, Virus>>Tatsuya "Dean" Miwa

Lizer, Virus>>Jun "S.A.B." Saburi>>Virus - Virus, Girl Tique, S.Q.F.>>Shu>>Virus, Girl Tique, S.Q.F. - Bat Cave, Detrox, Raglaia>>YOUTH-K>>Bat Cave, Detrox, Raglaia

History & Biography
Tokyo's Aion is a forerunner of the visual kei imagery, which is Japan's answer to the glam movement. The band began life in 1983 as speed metal band, but as is typical softened to more hard rock and J-rock elements. The band's founder, guitarist Izumi Ochiai, and Dean abandoned the concept in 1985 to form Mein Kampf, but they soon reformed Aion. The 1986 demo was called Stand By Lightning. Salee was replaced by Satoru Sasano on vocals. Deathrash Bound was the group's full-length and featured singer Hiraga. Nov joined in 1989. The band signed with Victor for the pompously titled Aionism. Plastic Mania was a live album and was accompanied by a sister video. The band's line-up lasted until 1995 and the Freak out album before membership changes forced a revamping of the band's sound, nomenclature and concept. Several faster independent records, Mithras, Eve, Ceremony Of Cross Out, etc., were released independently. With all members again together, the original act was back and releasing music and touring. Dean had returned in 2000. The Magnitude album was issued in English and Japanese versions. 2003's Sister was a fan club only record. Saburi left in 2009 and was replaced by Mr. Youth-K. Nine Bells was a 2012 self-release. A compilation called 30th Anniversary was issued in 2013. The band and Izumi had a split release in 2016. Saburi died in 2016. Miwa and Nov left in 2017.

The band was based out of Osaka, but only Nov was born there.