The Silver Arm - 2004 - Black Lotus
Ode To Salvation – 2008 – Eat Metal

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History & Biography
Airged L'amh is a heavy metal band from Athens which was formed in 1986 as Ragnarok while guitarist Vasilopoulos and John Georgopoulos and were in high school. The band had an epic and Celtic disposition and narrated battle lore. Airged L'amh (Gaelic for the silver arm) had to change its name because there were other bands with the same name. After playing several shows Ragnarok entered the studio and recorded the A Vertigo Edda Arised demo. The band played several shows and promoted its demo, but the band stagnated and things were interrupted when members had to join the army.

The band's demo was issued in 2002 through Metal Reunion Records as One Eyed God. This release featured two songs from a newer promo. The band entered the studio and recorded The Silver Arm in late 2003. Black Lotus issued the CD in 2004.

Stavros Giannakopoulos was still the vocalist for the second album. Manolis Gavalas was added as well. Neither lasted. Stratis Steele became the singer in 2009 and did not last. Michalis Apostolakis (also Gauntlet) was drafted to sing.


That Airged L'Amh has been around since 1986 and only now gotten around to releasing a debut full-length is either testament to the addictive nature of metal or the disruptive power of the Greek army! The Silver Arm showcases a band that draws inspiration from history and lore to play music that is simple in construct and to the classic heavy metal point. The lyrics are built around a concept story of the silver arm of king Nuada and flows well. The singer puts a lot of character into his voice, something which is often missing nowadays, and occasionally succeeds at being good too. One can even say Steve Venardo is the HM equivalent of Martin Walkyier from his Sabbat days. The music is both thoughtful and involved, but is mostly simple and bears comparison to Iced Earth, Manowar and Warlord. The sound engineering is not as good. The sound is only so-so. The quintet could have used some beefing up of the instruments. Regardless, do not be scared of the folk tag which follows the band. Airged L'amgh is not afflicted with silly instrumentation or wimpy whining and is a HR/HM band proper. - Ali "The Metallian"


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