A Wave Of Darkness - 2000 - Millenium Metal
Tabellae Defixionum – 2001 - Millenium Metal
Akerhell – 2002 - Millenium Metal
Never Deny From The Powers Of Sorcery – 2005 –Last Rights
Infernuko Erreka – 2010 - Oniric
Satànic – 2017 – Blackseed
Merciless – 2022 - Blackseed

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Repugnant Pigs, Dialalmol, Harridan, Beheaded Lamb, Körgull The Exterminator>>AKERBELTZ [JOEL]>>Harridan, Beheaded Lamb, Körgull The Exterminator




History & Biography
Founded as a studio project in 1996, a demo called Spreading The Eternal Mayhem appeared in 1997. The act established itself as the black metal domain of sole man Akerbeltz who here was backed with the mouth of his wife, Lilith. She would re-appear periodically in the future. Millenium Metal Music issued the band’s debut album in 2000. Three albums were issued, but 2002 also presented a demo called Burning Offerings.

Akerbeltz and Armaggedon of France issued a split single in 2003. If one thought the name of the band’s earlier label was dubiously spelt then the next album, Never Deny From The Powers Of Sorcery, would be considered a further setback. There were a number of split releases with titles like Slaughtered Whores Of Satan between 2010 and 2017.A limited edition 8” vinyl was called Demonology I in 2018.

Solo black metal act Akerbeltz had an album called Merciless through BlackSeed Productions in 2022.

The band is Spain-based. Akerbeltz is a black goat, who is sometimes depicted as Satan, in the ancient Basque religion.