Alfapokalyps - 2014 - Dark Essence

S= Harmony, Maze Of Torment, Torment>>Pehr Skioldhammer LARSSON
G= Harmony, Maze Of Torment, Torment, Vinterland>>Pehr Skioldhammer>>Vinterland - Vinterland, Sub Luna>>Fredrik Sööberg

Formed in 2010, the Swedish band's debut release arrived three years later in the form of the Grym split 7” with Shining on Svart Records. The band included Pehr Skioldhammer on vocals and guitar, Fredrik Sööberg on Guitars, Jimmy Wiberg on bass and Niklas Åström on Drums. They had played in acts like Vinterland and Maze Of Torment. The band's Alfapokalyps album was issued in the winter of 2014. The group was invited to play Blastfest in Norway in 2015 alongside Satyricon, At The Gates and others.


The album name (and a song titled Alfa Hordes) might hint at a joke band, but the Swedish four sounds serious and have a well-constructed record. The music is mid-paced and almost no-frills. One can imagine the band's approach to be a major concert dud, but on disc this is solid and rhythm-oriented metal with major nods to Celtic Frost vocally, Viking-era Bathory musically, as well as the solid rhythm and intentions of an Amon Amarth. The favourite track of mine is the more upbeat Ormar Af Satan. The least favourite is Rocken dör - and not just because of its title - because it starts with a country twang. Syndarnas Flod is also quite impressive and delivers where it should. It should be apparent by now that these guys are singing natively and not in English. Speaking of which, the guy behind the microphone (for one would not call him a singer) sounds like he is barking orders and proclamations, which the rest of the group often repeat. Amidst the power and solid compositions comes a major downfall for the disc. Copying its idols/being lazy this thing is recorded with a soulless drum machine. That is a disappointment at Metallian Towers every time.
For now, take a look at this truly underground band for there is some impressive music here. Nonetheless, one hopes the band dumps the electrical drumming and promo photos at the supermarket next time. - Ali "The Metallian"