Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity - 1999 - Woodcut
Subliminal Antenora - 2001 - Woodcut
Osiris-Typhon Unmasked - 2002 - Woodcut
The Polarity Axiom - 2004 - Woodcut
Wreath Of Thevetat - 2008 - Woodcut
Vinum Intus - 2011 - Woodcut
The Three-faced Pilgrim - 2013 - Woodcut
Eight Coffin Nails – 2018 - Woodcut

Alghazanth image
Thasmorg [Mika Kaakkolahti] - Unveiled, Where Victims Lie, Slugathor, Sotajumala>>Nebiros [Teijo Hakkola]>>Slugathor, Where Victims Lie, Sotajumala - Enter My Silence, Empyrean Bane, Funeris Nocturnum, Swallow The Sun, Verivala>>Goat Tormentor [Mikko Kotamäki]>>Empyrean Bane, Swallow The Sun, Verivala, Kuolemanlaakso, Hedonihil - THASMORG [MIKA KAAKKOLAHTI]

Funeris Nocturnum, Behexen, Calvarium>>Veilroth [Pertti Reponen]>>Funeris Nocturnum, Behexen, Calvarium – Obscurant, Arthemesia>>Thasmorg [Mika Kaakkolahti]>>Obscurant, Arthemesia - Funeris Nocturnum>>Grimort [Riku Vallisto] – Mortifier, True Black Dawn>>MORDANT [TAPIO LAITILA]>>Mortyfear – Ghost Brigade>>VEXD [JONI SAALAMO]>>Ghost Brigade, To Conceal The Horns, Kangeheet, Caestus

THASMORG [MIKA KAAKKOLAHTI] - Melchor - Enter My Silence, Empyrean Bane, Funeris Nocturnum, Swallow The Sun, Verivala>>Goat Tormentor [Mikko Kotamäki]>>Verivala, Empyrean Bane, Swallow The Sun, Kuolemanlaakso, Hedonihil

Prevalent Resistance, Kermic Void, Unveiled, Obscurant>>GORATH MOONTHORN [SAMI JÄRVINEN]>>Prevalent Resistance, Kermic Void, Unveiled, Obscurant

Obscurant>>Antii Simonen>>Obscurant, Soulfallen, Morian, …And Oceans - Soulfallen, Reprisal Scars>>Ekholm [Tuomas Ekholm]>>Soulfallen

History & Biography
Gorath and Veilroth (not their real names - ehem) formed the “majestic black metal” band in 1995. Gorath claimed inspiration from a lucid dream for the monicker. A demo called Behind The Frozen Forest appeared a year later. A 1997 demo gets them a deal with Finland's Woodcut Records. It takes the label two years to release this Tico Tico-recorded piece. Goat Tormentor (Mikko Kotamäki) was the new man on the 2008 album, Wreath Of Thevetat, which followed its predecessor some four years later. The new singer and bassist had joined in January of 2006. The new album was recorded between June and December of 2007. The band opened for Gorgoroth for two shows in October of 2008.

Alghazanth's next full-length album was entitled Vinum Intus. The album featured 54 minutes of black metal. The album was released by Woodcut Records on January 1, 2011 as a digipak CD and would be out in February as a gatefold double LP. Woodcut Records would release Alghazanth's next full-length, entitled The Three-faced Pilgrim, on vinyl and as a digipak CD on the 13th of December of 2013. The band was Thasmorg vocals and bass, Grimort and Mordant guitars, Ekholm on piano and drummer Gorath Moonthorn. A final album appeared five years later. Thasmorg was back on vocals for this one. The band threw in the towel in 2018 and played its last show in June of that year.

The band maintained a gory image. Pertti Reponen was the owner of Dynamic Arts Records.


It is a testament to the power of Alghazanth’s music and aggressive performance that an album so riddled with keyboards and synthesizers is accorded an above average grade. Before the knights of Metallian Towers grab a spear aimed at their liege’s heart a description of the music on Wreath Of Thevetat is in order.
Alghazanth has returned from hiatus with a chaotic slab of blasphemous speed. The sacrificial chords, demonic barbarism along with vocals dragged through the cloak of insolence is nothing to be sneezed at. Song after song after sacrilege is jam-packed with blasts of blackened fury. Gorath Moonthorn drumming is muffled in the mix, but his ability cannot be denied. Goat Tormentor sells himself short with his name for, as mentioned, he too is excellent. These words are fact. Alas, however, the band employs a keyboardist who indeed is audible. While the metal washes over the weaker element the synthesized fakery the dampening mood of the traitor languishes vicariously as both a reminder of the follies of man and the band’s origins. What could have been a masterpiece is a tribute to mislaid allegiances. Still, these Finns are nowhere near as lowly as a Dimmu Borgir or Cradle Of Filth especially given the stylistic variety from track to track keeps things relatively fresh. - Ali “The Metallian”