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Pål Solli

History & Biography
Demos issued by Algol included The Priests Are laughing (winter of 1992) and Witchsleep. The former also featured guitarist Frank Wilhelmsen. Life began under the name Seance in the summer of 1989 with the band leaning towards hardcore. When the original singer left the band Seance changed its name to Buttocks. Buttocks released a demo called War Kills. It was following this tape that the band began transforming into a death metal act. After many changes, with Algol as a new name adopted in the autumn of 1991, the band signed a recording deal following the above-named demos. The Norwegian band imploded soon after the recording of the debut - whose cover was painted by the singer's mother - with the sole remaining member being Andresen. The band never had any feedback or contact again from Effigy either!

Arctic Serenades had plans to work with the band although those plans probably never came to fruition.

Algol was named after a star, which represents Medusa’s head. The band had occasion to play in Sweden and Poland, as well as in Norway.