Fragments Of Form And Function - 2010 - Metal Blade
Formshifter - 2012 - Metal Blade
Elements Of The Infinite - 2014 - Metal Blade
Proponent For Sentience – 2016 – Metal Blade
Apoptosis – 2019 – Metal Blade
Damnum – 2022 – Metal Blade

Allegaeon image
Ezra Haynes>>Skinned – Smaragos, Son Of Aurelius, Inanimate Existence, Continuum, Pathology, Virulent Depravity, Disillusioned Eternity>>Riley McShane>>Continuum, Virulent Depravity, Disillusioned Eternity

Pyrithion>>Ryan Glisan>>Pyrithion, Mire – Cryogen, Cerebral Onslaught, WretchedPain, Organosyde>>GREG BURGESS>>Cryogen, Cerebral Onslaught, WretchedPain, Organosyde - Artemesis, Harboured>>MICHAEL STANCEL>>Artemesis, Harboured

Corey Archuleta – Alighieri, Harboured>>BRANDON MICHAEL>>Harboured

Jordon Belfast - Suffer The Wrath, Darkrift>>Brandon Park>>Suffer The Wrath, Darkrift – Solium Fatalis, Aversed, Unflesh, Continuum, Sky Pillar>>JEFF SALTZMAN>>Aversed, Unflesh, Continuum, Sky Pillar

History & Biography
Colorado's Allegaeon signed with Metal Blade Records in January of 2010. In June, the band unveiled the cover art for its Metal Blade Records debut, Fragments Of Form And Function. The artwork was completed by Colin Marks, who was known for his work for the likes of Nevermore and Strapping Young Lad. Fragments marked the band's first full-length release and was produced by Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage). Formed in the early summer of 2008, the band has a self-titled demo. US band Allegaeon’s Elements Of The Infinite would be out on June 23rd, 2014 through Metal Blade Records. Dave Otero at Flatline Audio in Colorado recorded the album. The more melodic McShane became the singer in 2015. Brandon Michael joined in 2017. Damnum was announced for winter 2022. Jeff Saltzman was on drums. The band toured North America in the summer of 2023 and appeared at Modified Ghost Festival in Vancouver, Canada in the spring. Several concerts were with The Zenith Passage. Two Canadian concerts were with Fall Of Earth. Ezra Haynes was back behind the microphone. McShane had left in 2022. Cancer Culture Over North America 2024 tour featured Decapitated and Septicflesh with openers Kataklysm and Allegaeon in April and May 2024. Decapitated’s Cancer Culture album was released in 2022.