At Least We Will Die Together - 2006 - Osmose
Black Blood Flux - 2011 - Osmose

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Tor Saether

History & Biography
Allfader was formed by John and Finn in February of 2001 and recorded a demo called Nightfall in April and May of the same year. In the autumn guitarist Per and keyboardist Tor joined the band. This line-up records the second demo, Furore Normannorus, during Christmas, 2001. Almost exactly one year after the band's birth, Allfader signed a deal with the fledgling label Rage Of Achilles for a MCD and a full-length album. Before a release would emerge the northern Norwegian band recruited drummer Cato Skivik in the summer of 2002 and bassist Kurt Solbakken, the latter allowing John to focus on the vocals.

The band's MCD was entitled From The Darkest Star and made available on November 11, 2002. It featured the band's second demo, two re-recorded songs from the first demo and two hitherto unreleased songs. A release show allowed the band to strut its stuff live. The band and label soon parted ways though and the notion of releasing a full-length with the label was scrapped. Simultaneously, a new bass player called Frode Fridtjofsen was welcomed into the fold.

The band played its second concert at a local show called Sjonstock in front of 3,500 people in August of 2003. A demo was also issued in 2003, although it was recorded in late 2002. Per would join a black metal band called Elite on bass as Allfader was in hiatus. Tor would depart due to musical differences. The demo-CD Into Nothingness was released in 2004. The band announced a debut album called At Least We Will Die Together for spring 2006 through Osmose Productions. John took over the guitar following the departure of guitarist Per in 2008. The former man had reportedly suffered from a lack of motivation and had hampered the band’s activities.

Allfader released its second full-length album, Black Blood Flux, on January 24th, 2011 through Osmose Productions.


The cover concept of murder/suicide is original except at first it looked like a homosexual couple holding the guns at one another. Never mind that, but look at the band photograph. These guys are ugly! At least, the music rules which is all that matters here.
The debut album of Norway’s Allfader begins with a couple of melodic tracks strongly hinting at Amon Amarth and The Crown which would be a departure for this (formerly) black metal band. There are even a couple of very old thrashy Metallica riffs on The Blackened Heart. The song Hate Is My Creed though is more akin to Deicide and has a black metal vibe with loads of brutality and speed. This and the thrashier Cursed Chemistry are probably the album’s better songs. The guitars are riff-oriented, but the band is capable of featuring leads and guitar playfulness as heard on Sanctimonious or Hevnen. The spoken or clean vocal parts are crowded by the screamed growls and are a mere distraction. At Least We Will Die Together is quite a good album. Allfader’s evolution may soon make the band rivals with Amon Amarth. - Anna Tergel