Inferno Museum - 2005 - Scarlet
Pain Is The Game - 2006 - Scarlet
Breath Your Soul - 2009 - Scarlet

Allhelluja image
S= Chaosium, Barcode, Hatesphere>>Jacob Bredahl>>Hatesphere - Extrema>>GL PEROTTI>>Extrema
G= Massimo Gajer - Sadist>>TREVOR - Extrema>>TOMMY MASSARA>>Extrema
B= Gory Blister>>ROBERTO GELLI>>Gory Blister

Stefano Longhi of Scarlet Records and Hatesphere (which used to be on Scarlet Records) man Jacob Bredahl joined forces in late 2004 to form Allhelluja. The band recorded its album, Inferno Museum, in early 2005 and had it mastered at Sweden's Cutting Room. The album was lyrically inspired by Derek Raymond's book Dead Man Upright. Jacob Bredahl mixed Pain Is The Game.

Allhelluja was working on the band’s third full-length album, entitled Breath Your Soul, in early 2008, which was expected to be released shortly after the summer. The new release would include 15 songs, for a total of 70 minutes of new music, including cover versions of 3 songs, King Crimson’s 21st Century Schizoid Man, Black Sabbath’s Into The Void and Goblin’s Profondo Rosso. Massimo Gajer was dumped by the band however. Allhelluja’s Breath Your Soul album was out in March through Scarlet Records. The band now featured GL Perotti (Extrema) on vocals, Trevor (Sadist) and Tommy Massara (Extrema) on guitar replacing the departed singer Jacob Bredahl and guitarist Massimo Gajer.


Allhelluja is the new project band of Barcode and Hatesphere's Jacob Bredahl and Scarlet Records' own Stefano Longhi. Whether the band has a future or not is unclear, but the band's past is obviously derived from Kyuss, Entombed, Circus Of Power and hardcore. In fact, the first few songs and the band's image might lead many to believe Allhelluja to be hardcore, but it is the groovedoomrock which soon prevails. The songs are simple and made for impact which makes them click immediately. This might come at the expense of longevity, who knows? The band's monicker might be silly, the cover shot ghastly and song listings like God Is Loughing (sic) betraying inattention to detail, but some of the lyrics, honest instrument sounds and loud attitude make this museum worth visiting. - Anna Tergel

Pain Is The Game, Allhelluja’s second album, has an intriguing and original cover but most metal fans would feel a hint of trouble coming fast since two out of four members in the band photograph are wearing Entombed T-shirts. Fine, Allhelluja is groovy, organic and bass-driven; the band has a punk abandon to its sound and will probably appeal to Entombed fans, although Kyuss, Monster Magnet and that last Skid Row album are also points of reference- no kidding! Allhelluja is getting good promotion from Scarlet Records no mater what (the label’s owner Stefano Longhi is the drummer here), but it is easy to see how the band might have potential. The music is raw, loud and aggressive and the compositions simple and built for maximum effect. It is not metal pure and pleasurable, but it has loads of attitude to it. Just listen for the anti-heroic lyrics to songs like Hey J or Superhero Motherfucker Superman. - Anna Tergel