The Day After – 1986 - Flametrader/Semaphore

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Linx>>RONNIE GERSHWIN>>Bad Love, Gershwin, The Blockbusters, Shebang, Madhouse, Junkyard Dogs, Duketown Dogs

Orpheus>>MARC "TEAR" GERSHWIN>>Bad Love, Gershwin – Hades>>Harold Cucken>>King’s Quest

Tyrant>>Steven Highwood [Steve Hogenbosch]>>King’s Quest

Exit, Virgin>>PETER VAN DER SLUYS>>Bad Love, Junkyard Dogs, Duketown Dogs

History & Biography
This heavy metal band was founded in 1982 and issued a number of demos with titles like 1982’s Catch The Demo(n). Founding members were former Orpheus members guitarist Roeland Heesbeen (who was in combat fatigue in honour of the band’s monicker), bassist John Reuser, Marc Gershwin and Peter Van Der Sluys and Ronnie Gershwin (who is Marc’s brother) . One memorable song title was Vatican Bitch. The band failed to attract many nuns to its gigs however even after opening shows for Anvil. The second demo was self-titled, produced by Picture’s Shmoulik Avigal and an industry-only release. The band appeared on the Dutch Steel sampler in 1984. The song Attack On The City was called Attack now.

The band's sole record was taped in 1986 and issued in 1987. This record was intended for the Metalloid label, but the company went broke before it could release the Allied Forces’ output. The album cover moved away from nunnery and depicted attractive legs instead. The group played shows with Martyr. As with other bands a keyboardist was added late in life. Harold had left and instead of a second guitarist replacement the band decided to copy Bon Jovi. Chris Allister was later heard in Bad Love, First Avenue and Elegy. Bassist Ferry Schmutzer joined in 1989. He too was later in Bad Love. The group split up in 1991 despite having signed with Overdrive Records, but has returned a couple of time for one-offs including 1997 and one in 2001. The Day After was re-issued as The Forces Strike Back in 2002. The core members, namely Peter and Ron, ended up in Junkyard Dogs and Duketown Dogs.



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