Dispiritism - 2004 - Black Lotus

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Azotic Reign>>KJELL ANDERSSON>>Azotic Reign

Scar Symmetry>>PER NILSSON>>Scar Symmetry - NICKLAS REHN


Theory In Practice, Mutant, Diabolical, Scar Symmetry>>HENRIK OHLSSON>>Theory In Practice, Mutant, Diabolical, Scar Symmetry

History & Biography
The band was formed in 2001 as Thrawn when Henrik Ohlsson showed some of his songs to Kjell Andersson. Rehn joined in 2002 and the band entered Black lounge Studio in 2003 to record a demo called Light Creates Shadows which featured Ohlsson on drums, bass and guitar. Black Lotus signed the band to a three-album deal in 2003 and the band changed its name due to legal issues with the monicker. The debut was issued after much delay in November of 2004.


Altered Aeon is a young side project-turned-priority band which demonstrates a fair bit of flexibility amidst much capability. The music is sometimes like '80s thrash metal which evolved from power metal and has a technical edge to it. The Swedes update the band's sound not only with musical prowess, but mix influences such as Death, Nevermore and King Diamond into the maelstrom to good effect. The album's opener, Dispirited Chambers, sounds like Death often, while showing an amount of variety and effort to remain a typical. The band changes rhythms at a drop of a dime, while maintaining a technical edge that ultimately might demand patience to be accepted. The band's techno-thrash has its fair share of melody, as glistened from the band's influences, with singer Kjell Andersson especially going from Chuck Billy to Warrel Dane to Messiah Marcolin. The album ends with a redundant King Diamond cover, but in the meanwhile goes from a technical Dark Tranquillity sound on Transcendence Duology to nice breaks and a bass interlude on Oath To Endure and a distorted bass solo on Light Creates Shadows to impressive guitar soloing on Behind The Lodge Door and Dreamscape Domain.
Altered Aeon is the infrequent collection of real heavy metal and calculated melodies that works. The band's sound is updated, but the combination reminds one of metal bands from another era. - Ali "The Metallian"


Altered Aeon