Fall, Ascension, Domination - 1994 - Cogumelo
Jachol Ve Tehila - 1994 - Cogumelo
Lucification - 2007 - Maléficas Produções
Leviathan Destroyer – 2010 – Cogumelo
Chri$t Worldwide Corporation – 2014 - Cogumelo
Under The Whip And The Crown – 2018 - mutilation

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Infernal>>Sucoth Benoth [Luis Marcelo Grande]>>Camos, Dark Songs Of Megiddo - Doomsday Ceremony, Pillars Of Empire>>Lokiam Satanas War Comander>>Pillars Of Empire – Infernal, Camos, Dark Songs Of Megiddo>>SUCOTH BENOTH [LUIS MARCELO GRANDE]>>Dark Songs Of Megiddo

Total War Naberus Erthal [Israel Erthal]>>Bullet Course – MURMÚRIO – Pillars Of Empire, Aqueronte>>Mortum>>Pillars Of Empire, Aqueronte

Solfieri – Aqueronte>>Nocturnal Alastor Demon [Almir Moraes]>>Aqueronte, Bloqueio Mental – Evilwar, Alocer>>Shaitan [Tony]>>Alocer, Doomsday Ceremony – Infernal, Syphor>>Covero Augusta

Doomsday Ceremony, Pillars Of Empire>>Danda Diabolicum Imperatus [Brito Anderson]>>Pillars Of Empire, Blackmass, Archityrants – War Master [Crystano Bigaiski] – TENEBRAE AARSETH

History & Biography
The group was formed in 1992, the Eternal Prophecies demo became the Amen Corner EP and also issued a demo called The Final Celebration was reissued in 1994. This is a white metal band from Brazil that is wrongly often called black metal. Darken In Quir Haresete was a 1999 EP. Benoth left in 2000, but returned in 2008. The band reappeared in 2007 with a new album. Solfieri left in 2008. War master entered for four years, left and rejoined in 2015. He left again in 2018. Mortum entered in 2008, left in 2009, re-entered in 2011 and left in 2015. Tenebrae joined on drums in 2018. She is married to Benoth. Bassist Fernando replaced Covero in 2020. The band was recording, celebrating 30 years and was booked for Armageddon Metal Fest in late 2023.

Impaled Records of Sao Paulo issued a tribute to Amen Corner in 2013.



Amen Corner