Wound Creations - 2004 - Spikefarm
Decrowning – 2005 – Spinefarm
Reptile Ride – 2007 - Spikefarm
Show Your Colors – 2009 - Spikefarm
Beneath – 2011 - Spinefarm
Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows – 2014 - Imperial Cassette
In Sequence – 2016 - Ward

Amoral image
Chop-Off, Flesh Deformation, Paingrin, Humavoid>>Niko Kalliojärvi>>Chop-Off, Flesh Deformation, Paingrin, Humavoid – Solo, Raskasta Joulua, Powerless Trio>>ARI KOIVUNEN>>Solo, Raskasta Joulua, Powerless Trio

The Nibiruan, Dead Shape Figure, Shear>>Silver Ots [Otso Silakka]>>The Nibiruan, Dead Shape Figure, Shear, Oceanhoarse – Tornado, Grease Helmet, Panorama>>BEN VARON>>Tornado, Oceanhoarse, Grease Helmet, Panorama – Sonata Arctica>>MASI HUKARI>>Sonata Arctica, Noutaja - Chop-Off, Flesh Deformation, Paingrin, Humavoid>>NIKO KALLIOJÄRVI>>Chop-Off, Flesh Deformation, Paingrin, Humavoid

Thornfrost, Crypt, May Withers, Woods Of Belial, Moonsorrow>>Ville Sorvali>>May Whithers, Moonsorrow, Tuska 20, Daimonic – Ari Koivunen>>Erkki Silvennoinen>>Ari Koivunen – Night Must Fall, Causemos>>PEKKA JOHANSSON>>Causemos

Crystal Blaze, Elenium, Shear>>JUHANA KARLSSON>>Crystal Blaze, Elenium, Shear, Noutaja

History & Biography
Helsinki's Amoral was formed in 1997 by guitarist Ben Varon and drummer Juhana Karlsson as a project to play thrash covers while in school. The new band soon began composing originals, issued a demo called Desolation in 2001 and was soon joined by Niko Kalliojärvi on the microphone. 2002's Other Flesh demo followed and the band appeared at 2003's Rocklinna Metalfest. The band soon signed with England's Rage Of Achilles label and entered Sonic Pump studio to record its debut in the spring of 2004, but soon lost Sorvali who decided to focus his efforts on Moonsorrow. The band's new bassist was Erkki Silvennoinen. Not long thereafter a press release announced the band and label's separation due to weak finances on the part of Rage Of Achilles. Luckily for the band, Finland's own Spinefarm stepped in, signed the band and issued the album in late 2004. To celebrate the occasion the band and Rage Of Achilles' signee Omnium Gatherum toured using the Dead Achilles monicker! The band members were also involved in a tribute show to the recently dead Darrell Dimebag Diamond. Shows with Dark Funeral and Finntroll preceded album number two. In 2008 Singer Niko Kalliojärvi left after losing his drive for the band. Jules Näveri of Profane Omen and Enemy Of The Sun would perform live with the band. The band also lost guitarist Silver Ots to demotivation in 2010. Valtteri Hirvonen, who had already toured with the band, has joined the act. In early 2011, Amoral recruited guitarist Masi Hukari to replace session man Valtteri Hirvonen. Amoral’s Beneath was released in October of 2011.

Finnish band Amoral was a sextet as of early 2015 following reuniting with its original vocalist Niko Kalliojärvi. Amoral would play at the Tuska festival after party at the end of June. Amoral would release its next album In Sequence in early 2016. It would be issued on January 29th through Ward Records. Citing scheduling conflicts and a lack of interest the band announced it would disband. A final concert, featuring former members, ocurred at the Tavastia Club in Helsinki, Finland on 05.01.2017. Several members were in Oceanhoarse,


This album was supposed to be released through the misdirected English label Rage Of Achilles, but was finally issued through the better organized Spikefarm. The last thing these newcomers sound like is Finnish. Instead, the band inserts technicality into songs with different styles like thrash, death or plain heavy metal. The singer sounds like a cross between Corpsegrinder of Cannibal Corpse and more recent Chris Barnes. The music can bear the complexity of a Coroner song within the structure of a Death or Dark Tranquillity composition. Of course, these guys being Finnish they have to incorporate some synthesizers somewhere, which in this case is in the appropriately-titled song Distract. Towards the end of the album the band decides to stealthily rip off Dissection's Storm Of The Light's Bane on the instrumental Languor Passage where the stolen melodies are played at half speed and mixed with different riffs and solos. The replication is so subtle that one wonders whether the band did so intentionally. At any rate, Amoral is a good band with a surprisingly decent album. - Ali "The Metallian"

Amoral’s second album is a thick slab of death, thrash and heavy metal. The intricate piece of work bears many of the hallmarks of the newer Swedish thrash band, although there are shades of Susperia, Cannibal Corpse and Necrophagia on Decrowning as well. The riffs have been worked and reworked to become a cohesive unit, but not at the expense of variety. In fact, the album’s second half sports a slow song, effects, a funny sample from some buffoon and more. Amoral is heavy and melodious at the same time. The band is also not typical Finnish fare, thank goodness. The vocals are big grunting growls that are helped by a professional production. Amoral is extreme; without being the most extreme. The band is sophisticated without being pretentious. - Ali “The Metallian”