Feel The Pain - 1989 - New Renaissance
Unleash The Beast – 2015 – True American Metal

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History & Biography
Formed in Aurora, USA, Amulance played what they dubbed 'Bash Metal' or 'Shark Music' while in fact playing speed metal. Formed in 1984 by Bob Luman, the band went on hiatus from mid-1985 to the beginning of 1986 when Baez became a father and other members were lost. Original drummer was Ken Comer (of Who Cares, Cursed Existence, Liquid Sky and punk band Noxious Few). Baez had joined a half a year prior in March 1985. Drummer Mike Fron joined Wrath and guitarist Eddie Brongiel would go on to join Tempter. Reformed after the dust had settled and augmented by second guitarist Varriale, who was an old friend of Baez, Amulance recorded a demo entitled the Rage Within in 1987. The band signed with New Renaissance. The band recorded Feel The Pain at its own cost at an 8-track studio. Nonetheless, New Renaissance licensed the album to SPV for Europe.

After the release of the album, Wedow was replaced by future Darklin Reach man Tony 'T-Bone' Divozzo. Earlier the album had proclaimed Wedow's immediate replacement, Kent Wagner, as the band's drummer. Wedow had actually recorded the drums. Despite plans for a second album, the group disbanded in late 1989 after feeling ripped off by New Renaissance Records and due to pressures emanating from the band members' relative long drive to rehearsals.

The band was known for Baez's high-pitched vocals. Soulpath was an AOR band from circa 1996. Band and New Renaissance also released a 7” called Holocaust. A 1991 demo entitled Liars, Killers & Master Thieves was issued in 2004 by Germany's Iron Glory label.

Stormspell Records issued Amulance’s The Rage Within And The Aftermath CD in 2007. The album was in fact the band's The Rage Within demo of 1987 as well as unreleased music from The Aftermath Sessions recorded in 1988 and 1989. The music had been remixed and remastered.

Amulance recruited guitarist Pat Cassidy (ex-Shadoz Edge) replacing Vince Varriale and drummer Eddie Foltz (ex-David Shankle Group) in 2009. The band was playing the Headbangers Open Air in Germany in July of 2010. Amulance signed with Stormspell Records for the release of an EP entitled Deutschland in 2010. The band was singer Rik Baez, guitarists Bob Luman and Pat Cassidy, bassist Thom Braddish and drummer Eddie Foltz. The group went away in 2010, came back in 2012 and went away in 2017. Luman was not feeling it anymore and the last concert became one opening for Doro in 2017. The 2015 album was recorded over the course of the prior two years and featured Gonzales on drums and guitarist Steve Michals. Original drummer Ken Comer contributed to it.