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Vaginal Vempire - 1998 - Nightfall
Battered Bleeding Bitch - 2004 - Nightfall

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B= Bill Lawrence>>Never Again

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History & Biography
Minnesota record company proprietor and concert promoter Don Decker formed the band in 1994 as a pussycore outfit. Vaginal Vempire is a complete piss take on Cradle Of Filth and actually sees the band modified to Anal Of Blast. Pus Blood Pentagram is the band's 1994 demo. The band also has a split with Cephalic Carnage.

The band was still around as of 2008 and touring the USA. The band played at the May Metal Massacre in Allentown, PA in 2009 with Goreaphobia and Total Fucking Destruction. A DVD called Spraying Blood Live was issued in 2008. Don Decker, singer for Anal Blast and a heavy metal concert promoter, died on October 11th of 2009. He was 41 years old.



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