Vomiting Corpses>>ANASARCA - GERMANY

God Machine - 1998 - Repulse
Moribund - 2000 - Mighty
Dying - 2004 - Mighty


G= Frank Tholen - Michael Dormann - Act Of Fate>>Benjamin Hakbilic
B= Vae Solis>>Christian Janseen
D= Dqbitus, Eye See>>Herbert Grimm


Three weeks after leaving their former outfit Vomiting Corpses, drummer Herb and singer/guitarist Dormann formed Anasarca in July of 1995. Condemned Truth and God Machine were the names of the band's '95 and '96 demos.

Following an appearance on Repulsive Assault 2 compilation, the band signed with the label and released the God Machine CD. With the departure of guitarist Frank a quick replacement was found and the band signed with Mighty Music of Denmark. In July of 2001 the band and Malta's Beheaded tour Europe under the European Extermination tour.

Dying was issued in the spring of 2004 and featured a trimmed line-up of Mike and drummer Herb.

The band reformed in 2013 and in 2016 issued a new 4-track-demo, entitled Survival Mode. Dormann was also on bass. Dirk Janssen formerly of Despondency and Disavowed was on drums. Steffen Parth (Tears Of Decay) and Carsten Geerlings were on guitar.


Much like their country mates Mental Aberration, Anasarca (formerly Vomiting Corpses) is heavily influenced by Cannibal Corpse. Incorporating elements of Monstrosity with a pinch of Dismember, the former Repulse Records' act has taken the concept of gore and brutality one step further and released a cold-blooded album featuring adapted poetry and prose written by actual death row inmates. Tales of wretchedness, sadness and despair abound then. Add a full length's album worth of actually brain bashing and blasting death metal and for my money Macabre should be retired! - Ali "The Metallian"

Anasarca is back with a new CD bearing a direct title because the album is a concept about that exact topic. The band has taken the stories and feelings of individuals facing imminent death and created a conceptual album with lyrics, photography and music to match. After all, it is death metal and the concept is quite apt. The band's music bridges the gap between Cannibal Corpse and the blasting power of Sinister. It is brutal, direct and fast. The riffing is high-quality, the blast beats incessant and the sound intense. There are hardly any weak songs on Dying, but Anopheles and Complete Surrender are standouts and the title track below average because of its flawed backing vocals. Death metal hounds will want this. - Ali "The Metallian"