Lords Of Destiny – 2018 - Awakening

S= 李萌 [LI MENG]
G= 李萌 [LI MENG] – Dressed To Kill, TumourBoy>>杨富文 [YANG FUWEN]>>Dressed To Kill, TumourBoy
B= Amnesia, Armor Force, Abnormal Infected>>张锦亮 [Zhang Jinliang]>>Armor Force, Abnormal Infected - Inferno Requiem>>李晗 [LI HAN]>>Inferno Requiem
D= TumourBoy>>和阳 [HEYANG]>>TumourBoy

This thrash metal band was founded by Heyang and Li Meng in 2007. The band immediately began to bleed second guitarists. The band moved to Beijing in 2008. 李晗 left, but eventually returned to bass duty. The band opened for Wolf Spider in 2014. An EP, called 超负荷时代/Age Of Overload, was issued by Mort Productions by 2017. The debut full-length was issued in August 2018. The band toured East Asia in 2019. Beijing, China-based Ancestor had its debut full-length album from 2018, entitled Lords Of Destiny, re-issued on vinyl by Awakening Records in 2021.

The band’s monicker was inspired by Overload (China) and its song The Shades Of Ancestors. The band’s EP also hints at the same band. Li Meng is the owner of Awakening Records.