Svartalavheim - 1994 - Listenable
The Cainian Chronicles - 1996 - Metal Blade
Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends - 1997 - Metal Blade
The Halls Of Eternity - 1999 - Metal Blade
Proxima Centuari - 2001 - Metal Blade
Night Visit - 2004 - Metal Blade
Back To The Land Of The Dead was – 2016 - Soulseller

Ancient image
S= Dirge>>Grimm [Thorg] - Putrefaction, Dirge, Dreamlike Horror>>Aphazel [Magnus Garvik]>>Dreamlike Horror - Grand Belial's Key, Thokk>>Lord Kaiapas [Vlad]>>Grand Belial's Key, Thokkian Vortex - Avernus, Therion>>Kimberly Goss>>Therion, Sinergy - Dreamlike Horror, Byaxis>>Deadly Kristin>>Dreamlike Horror, Byaxis - Putrefaction, Dirge, Dreamlike Horror>>APHAZEL [MAGNUS GARVIK]
G= Putrefaction, Dirge, Dreamlike Horror >>APHAZEL>>Dreamlike Horror – Infliction, Grind Zero>>DHILORZ [Danilo Di Lorenzo]>>Grind Zero
B= Putrefaction, Dirge, Dreamlike Horror >>Aphazel>>Dreamlike Horror – DHILORZ [Danilo Di Lorenzo]>>Infliction
D= Dirge>>Grimm [Thorg] - Kjetil - Hortus Animae, Doomsword, Hate Profile>>Grom [Diego Meraviglia]>>Opposite Sides, Hortus Animae, Doomsword – Anathema, Cancer, Cerebral Fix, Exodus, Gorgoroth, Nuclear Assault, Testament, Nightrage, Catalepsy, Atrocity, Borknagar, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth, Brujeria, Amon, Liquid Graveyard, Lock Up, Twilight Of The Gods, Possessed>>NICOLAS BARKER>>Brujeria, Amon, Liquid Graveyard, Lock Up, Twilight Of The Gods, Possessed
K= Fullmoon Sideshow >>Jesus Christ [David Sciumbata]>>Fullmoon Sideshow, Horroble

Ancient was formed in 1992 as a solo project of Aphazel and immediately gained many converts who claimed the band is of the Enslaved and Emperor calibre.

Following the mandatory line-up changes, an unreleased rehearsal tape, featuring the tracks Det Glemte Riket and Trumps Of An Arch Angel, a demo entitled Eerily Howling Winds demo, sale of 700 copies and a 7"EP, the band signed to Listenable Records and finished recording its debut in 1994.

Late to the black metal resurgence, Metal Blade nevertheless found an available band in Ancient and signed the Norwegians in 1995. Moving to the USA, Aphazel met and recruited Kimberly Goss (of the band Avernus and editor of a fanzine with questions regarding negroes and anal sex) and Lord Kaiaphas of Grand Belial's Key. Only a couple of years later Aphazel, tired of the USA, returned permanently to Europe.

The band appeared on Metal Massacre XII and released its debut for its new label in 1996. North American live activity had been curtailed because Aphazel had a US criminal record barring him from entry into that country.

Members of Ancient guested in the album of crossover band Cataract and Grom drummed for Italian band Hortus Animae in 2003. Deadly Kristin left the Seattle band Byaxis in May of 2003. As of early 2005 the band was looking for a new home while the members worked on various side-projects. A disc called Eerily Howling Winds - The Antediluvian Tapes was issued by Sleaszy Rider Records featuring old demo material. Ancient was working on a new album in 2014, Chapter VII: Back From The Land Of The Dead, for a tentative autumn release. The band (Zel - vocals, guitars and keyboards, Dhilorz – guitar and bass and drummer Nick Barker) was looking for a label. Ancient signed with Soulseller Records in 2016. The band’s new full-length album Back To The Land Of The Dead was released in mid-September on CD, double LP and other versions. The EMP Label Group would release the album in the USA and Canada.

The band transformed over the years and became more of a theatrical goth band than a black metal entity.