For Snow Covered The Northland - 1996 - Avantgarde
The Calling - 1997 - Avantgarde
And The Physical Shape Of Light Bled - 2000 - Avantgarde
Cometh Doom, Cometh Death - 2004 - Avantgarde
A Celebration In Honor Of Death – 2021 - Avantgarde

Ancient Wisdom image
S= Bewitched, Throne Of Ahaz>>VARGHAR [MARCUS NORMAN]>>Bewitched

G= Bewitched, Throne Of Ahaz, Naglfar, Eudaimony>>VARGHAR [MARCUS NORMAN]>>Bewitched, Eudaimony, Naglfar - Ancient, Naglfar>>Andreas Nilsson>>Naglfar, Malakhim

B= Throne Of Ahaz>>Fredrik Jacobsson


K= Naglfar>>Jens Ryden>>Naglfar

History & Biography
AW is lead by Bewitched member Vargher and is occasionally a one-man band with drum machines and all. The project had its beginning in 1991 as Ancient but had to opt for a change of name for obvious reasons. And The Physical...was originally intended as an EP, but due to various reasons the band added more recording in 1999 to the original of 1998 and made a full length after all. AW is not a very aggressive band musically, but certainly does make its Satanic views known aggressively enough. Ryden's design talents can be found within the band's presentation. The band continued with Varghar as the sole member.

Seventeen years after its last release, the Sweden-based one-man band issued A Celebration In Honor Of Death (sic) through Avantgarde in June 2021.



Ancient Wisdom