Die Rückkehr Der Dunklen Krieger - 1997 - Last Episode
Sword Of Revenge - 1999 - Last Episode
Quest Of Deliverance - 2000 - Last Episode
…Of Old Wisdom – 2005 – Perverted Taste
Iron Way – 2008 – Einheit
Warlord – 2010 – Einheit
Reminiszenzen... – 2017 – Einheit
Reliquien... – 2019 - Sturmglanz Black Metal Manufaktur

Andras image
S= Demoniac>>COUNT DAMIEN NIGHTSKY [TINO RÖDER]>>Demoniac - Ebitalium>>Black Abyss - Earth – Persecution>>Ecthelion [Steffen Thümmel]>>Persecution, Isenburg, Coldun - Temple Of Oblivion, Opacity, Under The Night Sky>>KHENAZ>>Temple Of Oblivion, Opacity, Under The Night Sky

G= Septic Terror, Purulent Obduction, Massenmörder, Demoniac>>Count Damien Nightsky [Tino Röder]>>Demoniac, Under The Night Sky - Obnox – Origin Of Zed, Course Death>>Kerberus [Sebastian Markus]>>Origin Of Zed, Course Death, Krater – Buskbrann, Skilfingar, Eminenz, Temple Of Oblivion, Path Of The Nocturnal Silence, Hatul, Blodskut, Thorsons, Ad Mortem, N R C S S S T, Drudensang>>HENKER>>Temple Of Oblivion, Path Of The Nocturnal Silence, Hatul, Blodskut, Ad Mortem, N R C S S S T, Drudensang

B= Eminenz, Moonshine, Ebitalium>>Black Abyss>>Eminenz, Moonshine – Purulent Obduction, Bloodbrain, Demoniac, Moonblood, Nargaroth, Nachtfalke>>Occulta Mors [Tino Mothes]>>Nachtfalke – Pentdragon>>Ghwerig – Moonshine, Pentdragon, Ebitalium, Eminenz>>BLACK ABYSS>>Eminenz

D= Shadow – Bloodtide XV, Infernal Regency, Incinerator>>Verun [Göran Müller]>>Infernal Regency, Incinerator, Voidkosm – Pentdragon, Eminenz, Origin Of Zed, Krater>>Shardik>>Origin Of Zed, Krater, Coldun, Aether – Ancient Wargod>>Bileeam [Stefan Hepe]>>Ancient Wargod, Gandalf's Fist - DOR GUST

K= Vilkates, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Incinerator>>Adversarius [Tobias Lachmann]>>Vilkates, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Incinerator - Pentdragon>>GHWERIG

History & Biography
Featuring Eminenz members these are German boys who have prescribed themselves fast and noisy black metal and have been around since at least 1994. The group has become softer and more epic overtime however.

The band issued a demo called Legends… in 2002. Reliquien... featured older songs rearranged and recorded newly.