Callous And Furor - 2006 - Old School Metal
Disfigure - 2009 - Old School Metal
Hubris Inc. - 2013 - Old School Metal
Ad Mortem Festinamus – 2016 – Old School Metal
Fast As Fuck! – 2018 - Malevolence

Anger As Art image
S= Bloodlust, Abattoir, Tactics, Pagan War Machine>>STEVE GAINES>>Abattoir, Pagan War Machine - Danny Oliverio
G= Bitch, Dreams Of Damnation>>STEVE GAINES - Abattoir, Stealth, Final Decree, Bitch>>Danny Oliverio>>Abattoir, Bitch
B= Javier Maruffo - Maniacal Genocide>>Henry Delacruz – Necroscope, Abattoir>>ERIC BRYAN>>Abattoir
D= Tdomayki, Winterthrall, Despise You, Noctuary, Rise, Evil Dead, Necrophilia, Bitch, Abattoir>>ROB ALANIZ>>Tdomayki, Winterthrall, Evil Dead, Despise you, Necrophilia, Bitch, Abattoir

Anger As Art is a thrash metal band formed in California in 2004. Steve Gaines initially had announced a solo disc called Anger As Art for his own debut in 2004. Anger As Art features former Abattoir members. The band issued a demo called Anger As Art in 2006. Next came a contract with Old School Metal Records, which has worked with Lääz Rockit among others. Drummer Dave Chedrick of Dreams Of Damnation and Hirax joined Anger As Art in 2007. Bitch appeared at the Keep It True XIV festival, which was held April 29-30, 2011 in Germany, with the band Anger As Art backing singer Betsy. Hubris Inc. was the name of the 2013 album from Los Angeles-based thrashers, which would be released on February 5th through Old School Metal Records. This record featured Delacruz on bass. Fast As Fuck! Was recorded in Los Angeles and featured three studio tracks of which one is a Montrose cover version. Oliverio left in 2019 and was replaced by Gonzales.



Anger As Art