Warfare - 2010 - Abyss
Libido - 2014 - Unexploded

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History & Biography
Angrepp ('attack' in Swedish) has been at it since 2006 brutalizing Sweden and its capital Stockholm. The band features typical Swede drummer Widigs who proved his nationality by participating in a dozen bands at a time. The Prepare For The Attack demo came in 2006. The band signed to Abyss Records and issued the Warfare album in 2010. It was mixed and mastered by Dan Swano. The band had a release concert on the fourth of September in Stockholm with Bloodbanner and Ztringtroza at Sugar Bar. Fredrik Widigs left the band due to personal reasons in the winter of 2011 and was replaced by Jakob Hallegren of Manegarm.

In late 2014, Dark Funeral picked up singer Heljarmadr (Cursed 13) and bassist Natt of Angrepp.


Angrepp is a new-ish underground thrash/bash metal band from Sweden and with Warfare has issued its debut full-length courtesy of the equally underground (below ground?) Abyss Records. The band has pure intentions and comes at things with speed and intent, but in its execution the power is missed. It is an oddity that all the heavy metal yields so little impact, but perhaps part of it can be explained when noting the lack of variety in the songs. One song pretty much blends into the next. The band’s music has a late Satyricon militaristic attitude (which fits the band name, titles and concepts) and beat, but there is little variety including a lack of vocal effects, guitar solos and a good drum sound. - Ali “The Metallian”