God Is A Witness – 2022 – Sneakout
Good ‘n’ Evil - 2024 - Sneakout

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Danger Zone, Crying Steel, Krell>>FRANCESCO DI NICOLA>>Krell

Groove Anger>>Elio Caia>>Groove Anger - FRANCESCO DI NICOLA

Diego Emiliani - Killing Touch, Hollow Haze, Ellefson, Ellefson-Soto, Reb Beach, Geoff Tate, Michele Luppi, Sweet Oblivion, Krell, Andy Martongelli>>PAOLO CARIDI>>Hollow Haze, Krell, Andy Martongelli

History & Biography
The band of veterans came together in 2021.

Anims’ second single, Like Colours Of Flowers, was taken from God Is A Witness, the demo of the Italy-based band led by former Danger Zone and Crying Steel guitarist Francesco Di Nicola. It was scheduled for a digital release on August 6th 2021.

Sneakout Records and Burning Minds Music Group have signed Italy-based hard rock band Anims for the physical release of the debut album God Is A Witness. It was out on 29.04.2022. The singer and guitarist were also in Krell as of 2022 and had music that had been “manifested” here before.

Sneakout Records and Burning Minds Music Group issued The Cherubims, a track taken from Good ‘n’ Evil, which was the 2024 album of the Italy-based Anims. Francesco Di Nicola (Danger Zone, Crying Steel, etc.), played both the bass guitars and guitars. Drums were by Paolo Caridi (Ellefson-Soto, Reb Beach, Geoff Tate and Michele Luppi), a professional with whom Francesco Di Nicola had already collaborated on the recent Deserts album by Krell. Good 'n' Evil contained Liar and Satellite, two unreleased songs from the time in which Francesco Di Nicola collaborated with Crying Steel in the early '90s: a period without releases for the Bolognese group despite its constant presence in the metal scene. The physical CD featured one more track, not present on the digital version: Victim Of Time, the title track of the album with which Danger Zone officially debuted in 1984 and in whose line-up Francesco Di Nicola was present.