Dueno Del Tiempo – 1999 – Locomotive
II – 2001 – Locomotive
Sombras Del Pasado – 2003 – Locomotive
Sinergia – 2018 - Rock Estatal
Premonición – 2021 – Art Gates

Ankhara image
Sepulcro, Knell Odyssey, Hybris, Solo>>PACHO BREA>>Hybris, Solo

Antonio Pino>> Mysteria, Leo Jimenez – Tako, Mägo De Oz, Mysteria>>CECILIO SANCHEZ>>Mysteria

Sergio Martinez>>Zero3iete, Bürdel King, Tete Novoa, Mägo De Oz - Fernando Mainder – Mägo De Oz, Zero3iete, Bürdel King, Tete Novoa>>SERGIO MARTINEZ>>Zero3iete, Bürdel King, Tete Novoa – Kaothic, Hamlet, Bürdel King>>ALBERTO MARIN>>Kaothic, Bürdel King

Jesus Alcalde – Jaime Olivares>>Mysteria, Santelmo – Unicornia, Zero3iete, Dulcamara, Gizëh, Undead, Reeper>>MATIAS DE VALLEJO>>Zero3iete, Gizëh, Undead, Reeper

Victor Alonso

History & Biography
The Madrid-based band existed initially from 1995 to 2004 before disbanding and inevitably reforming in 2013. Earlier the band played with the likes of Saxon and Muro. When the band split up the members formed an act called Mysteria, which came to naught. The band won a contest in the town of Pinto, which powered them to record their debut album. The group played the Rock Machine 2000 festival. The first two records were re-recorded by Brea in English for the international territories, but alas there was no demand for the finished goods. Spain-based heavy metal band Ankhara would release its Sinergia album outside its home country through Fighter Records in 2019. Sinergia was issued through Rock Estatal in 2018. Art Gates Records signed the heavy metal veterans in 2021. An album called Premonición was out on July 16th.

There was a 1997 demo called Ankhara.