Stress – 1997 – Disques MPV
Instinct – 1999 – Disques MPV
Daemonium – 2002 - Disques MPV
L’Academie Du Massacre – 2003 – Mononc
Chapter Chaos Begins – 2006 – Galy
Musique Barbare – 2008 - Mononc
La Bestia – 2020 – Bam&Co Heavy

Anonymus image
Colectivo>>Marco Calliari>>Colectivo – OSCAR SOUTO

Colectivo>>Marco Calliari>>Colectivo – Mass Murder Messiah, Barkode>>JEAN-FRANCOIS FORTIN>>Mass Murder Messiah, Barkode – DANIEL SOUTO

Spelldown>>OSCAR SOUTO>>Spelldown

Spelldown, B.A.R.F.>>CARLOS ARAYA>>Spelldown, B.A.R.F.

History & Biography
The band was founded in 1989 and had a 1992 demo called The Dream That Lies. Ni Vu, Ni Connu was the next demo. L'Academie Du Massacre featured a folk singer. La Paque Satanique was a 2005 live video. Oscar and Carlos founded a side-project, with Joey Belladonna. Together they toured the U.S.A and Canada and wrote material for a new Belladonna album. The project had to be cancelled due to Joey's return to Anthrax. Calliari left in 2006. Etat Brute was a 2011 demo. Envers Et Contre Tous was 2015 demo. Sacrifices followed in 2018. Canada-based thrash metal band Anonymus was releasing its 2020 album La Bestia through Bam&co Heavy in June. Known for its discography of both French and English releases La Bestia was the first full-length that would be completely in Spanish.

The band’s line-up has been remarkably stable. The band has played at Heavy Montreal. The act veered into some mallcore for a while. Daniel and Oscar are twins.