Anthem Albums’ Timeline With Metallian Ratings

A timeline infographic of 16 Anthem studio albums with Metallian’s ratings – 01.2022

Heavy metal band Anthem has released albums since 1985 and yet remains an insiders’ tip outside Japan. Heavy metal fans are good at sniffing out sublime music whether the band is underground or not, from here or from there and have picked up on the group’s music for years. However, Japan-based Anthem is still under-rated given the number of strong albums, plethora of superior songs and amount of talent the band packs.
Here is a timeline of the 16 Anthem studio albums so far including their ratings at Metallian Towers. The current line-up of singer Yukio Morikawa, guitarist Akio Shimizu, bassist Naoto Shibata and drummer Isamu Tamaru is at it and busy creating new music so there will be more from the Japanese quartet where these came from.

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