Arcanes - 2003 - Thundering
Dystopia - 2004 - Thundering
Kadavreski - 2005 - Manitou

Anthemon image
S= Nathalie Bonnaud - LOϏC MALASSAGNE
G= Searn, Bloodstone, The Ravening, Monolithe>>SYLVAIN BEGOT>>Monolithe - Loargann>>ALEXANDRE KOHLER
B= Monolithe, Oniromancy>>MARC CANLERS>>Monolithe, Oniromancy
D= Ad Vitam Aeternam>>Nicolas Joyeux>>Ad Vitam Aeternam - Horresco Referens>>DAVID VERBECQ

Anthemon was formed in Paris in 1997 as an atmospheric doom band and immediately began to undergone several line-up changes. A demo called Nocturnal Contemplations was issued in 1998 featuring singer Bénédicte A. The band issued another independent release in 2000 called Talvi. Arcanes featured female vocalist Bonnaud. Dystopia witnessed the introduction of singer Malassagne - who joined in January, 2004 - and drummer David Verbecq to the listener. The album, which was issue in late 2004, was mastered at Finland's Tico Tico Studio. The group released its third full-length album, Kadavreski, through Thundering Records. Recorded and mixed during the summer of 2005 at Tico-Tico studio by Ahti Kortelainen, the band wanted to return to the tradition of the '70s concept albums. The disc featured four titles and 45 minutes of music.


Anthemon's Dystopia is a total concept reflected in the doom-ridden music, dismal vocals, abstract lyrics and the oppressive cover artwork which immediately gives the album the needed atmosphere. Past the intriguing cover motif, Anthemon - now featuring the male vocals of one Loîc Malassagne - deploys varied and melancholy sounds throughout the albums. The compositions are precisely what fans of the sub-genre should want to hear. The singing is influenced by goth music of course, but are boosted by backing growls. It is as if the band slips into its forlorn garment with complete ease. The band and album work well even if the keyboards do not always have a smooth transition from background filler to the spotlighted instrument. Dystopia will have little presence outside France, but followers of the style should seek it out anyway. - Ali "The Metallian"