Last Command - 2004 – Locomotive
Soulgrinder - 2006 - My Graveyard
The Ghosts Of Iwo Jima - 2010 - My Graveyard
Mirrors And Screens – 2020 – Punishment 18

Anthenora image
G= STEFANO POMERO - Gabriele Bruni - Domenico Borra – Legacy, Elegacy, White Skull>>Danilo "Man" Bar>>White Skull - GABRIELE BRUNI
B= Broken Arrow, White Skull>>Stefano Balocco>>Broken Arrow, White Skull - SpellBlast>>Marco "Kaste" Castellano - SAMUELE "PEYO" PEIRANO

Anthenora was supposedly inspired into being by Iron Maiden's 1988 Monsters Of Rock show in Italy. The heavy metal band from Saluzzo released a demo called Bring Me To Hell in 1991 and another called Heretical Symphonies in 1993. The group played many Iron Maiden cover versions. Several line-up changes translate into a period of inactivity in the mid-'90s. Another release was 1999's Demo'ns. The band kept on performing originals and metal covers and guitarist Ermanno Mancardi left in 2001. A demo called The General's Awakening was issued in 2002, which was produced by White Skull's Tony Fonto. A semi-dream was realized when the band opened for Nico McBrain of Iron Maiden in Italy in 2003.

The band's debut proper was issued in early 2004 and was again produced by Fonto. The group signed to Mygraveyard Productions for the Soulgrinder album. Anthenora would release an album called The Ghosts Of Iwo Jima on the 26th of March, 2010 through My Grave Yard Production.

Another period of inactivity meant a new record arrived in 2020 only. Gabriele Bruni and Samuele Peirano were on this record.


Anthenora was formed in 1990 and even released two demos in 1992 and 1993. Beginning in 1995 the band metamorphosed into an Iron Maiden tribute band. The boys got the itch for original material last year though and as a result recorded The General's Awakening with Tony Fonto of White Skull. This must have come about because bassist Steeve Balocco also plays in Broken Arrow with Nick Savio of White Skull. Enough trivia, what does the band sound like? That they play heavy metal is obvious. That they incorporate Iron Maiden melodies is also obvious. Additionally the quintet has a singer who is a cross between Joey Belladonna and Paul Di Anno, a good knack for melodic guitars a la Maiden and solos similar to Randy Rhoads and, as icing on the cake, has Anthrax's 'Not Man' on the cover. At least, the resemblance is striking. Opener Planet Jail is the strongest song on display, but none of the four tracks here are weak and coupled with a professional sound (although the bass is inaudible) this is one fun - in a 'eavy way of course - demo to have on the stereo. No price given so either write to or visit - Ali "The Metallian"

Wrong, wrong and wrong. The band is not a black metal one. The album is not grinding. The Italians are not below average. All my perceptions were unjustified. Perhaps the band is having fun with us by deliberately picking misleading names and titles?
Soulgrinder, the second album of the former Iron Maiden cover band Anthenora, is an entertaining heavy metal romp with enough power and class to convince most fans. Most importantly, the twelve tracks are well-written and lack nothing in terms of quality. If one can imagine a mixture of old In Flames and Jag Panzer musically and a singer who represents the mid-point of Grave Digger’s Chris Boltendahl and Nevermore Warrel Dane then an understanding of Anthenora is not far behind. The band has many of its own ideas though and can only ascend in standing from here. - Anna Tergel